Lifetime Fitness mission ,vision,promise

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MissionOur Mission
is to provide an
entertaining,educational,friendly and inviting, functional and innovative experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health and fitness needs of the entire family.
VisionOur Vision (CIIGB)
Create-and lead the healthy way of life category.
Impact-more people,helping them to live significantly healthier lives.
Invest-in employees to grow and become increasingly valuable to themselves, their families,their communities, and their company.
Grow-revenue to $2.5billion in the next 5-6 years.
Become one of the most well loved, premium brands.
PromiseOur Promise(TFA and BBB)
Lifetime-The Healthy way of life company
helps individuals and organizations achieve
Total Health Objectives
Fitness Goals
Athletic Aspirations
By providing
The Best places
Best people
Best Programs.
To change lives positively every day.

Group Fitness ObjectiveOur Global Objective is to create Group Fitness, yoga, and cycling companies that consistently deliver the best experience, giving no reason for a member or instructor to go elsewhere.
KPIsPenetration 20%
avg class size 10%
yoy growth 20%
cost per head 10%
NPS 20%
All Life time team membersbelieve in mission and vision
pursue HWOL
performance oriented
embrace change
Life time leaderscollaborate
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