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This is a group of workers that meets at regular intervals during the working week in order to identify any problems with quality within production, to consider the alternative solutions to these problems, and to then recommend to management the solution that they believe will be the most successful. The members of the quality circle are also involved in the running and monitoring of the solution. This should help to improve the level of motivation amongst the workers because it makes each person in the group feel valued and that they are making a significant contribution to the improvements on the factory-floor.

Meaning that the employees for CS feel that they are part of the team to accomplish CS objectives. The motivation of the employees helps CS objectives e. g. the objective for growth will be helped by the employees because they will feel valued to CS so that they provide excellent quality control of the production.

By doing this, the employees are producing good quality products to customer’s world wide, which they would be delighted and extremely satisfied with the high quality products, which causes an increase in growth and income e. g. when the employees are motivated to provide excellence in production of quality control, the chocolates would be the perfect in size, taste and etc, which will mean that the customers will be satisfied with the chocolate and buy more and recommend to others of the chocolate.

This causes an increase in income because customers are buying lots of the product, which causes the growth to expand because CS can recruit more, develop more products, produce more factories and etc.

Also because the motivation of the employees is at high standards, it will decrease labour turnover because the employees are pleased with the conditions, treatments and recognition that CS is providing to them. This can also attract other recruits form outside of CS because of the good quality treatment that CS is providing to their employees, which attracts recruits and helps CS objectives e. g. more recruits, will mean that CS objective for growth will expand.

However, sometimes CS also has to handle with employees who don’t take the quality circle method seriously, which could affect CS quality of production. The employees, who are not committed to provide high standard quality control, will ruin CS objectives and performance because of the poor motivation and poor service that the employee is providing towards CS. Because the employee are unmotivated, it will not help CS objectives e. g. the less unmotivated the employee is will mean there can be a high labour turnover that can affect CS objective for growth to decrease.

The poor motivation will mean that the employee will produce pitiable quality products which the customers and retailers will be unsatisfied with, which again affects CS growth and income to decrease, causing it harder for CS to compete with their rivals. The poor motivation can also influence others in the business, causing even more poor quality production. This will be noticed by customers who are not satisfied with the products, which will cause the objectives to be minimised e. g.

income will be decreased. I also think that poor products also give an appalling image on the company because it shows that the company has a terrible quality control, which again can affect a company’s objective. This is all due to employees who don’t take quality control and quality circles seriously, causing CS to produce disappointing products to the customers. The advantages and disadvantages that I have given above shows that alternative ways to quality control affect other functions in CS:

* Human Resources (HR) – quality circles affects HR because if the employees are motivated and satisfied with their work, it shows that the HR department has recruited and selected the right employees for the job. It also shows that the performance management has influenced the employees to be motivated and feel part of the team to provide excellent quality products. The training/development function shows also shows that they have trained and developed their skills towards CS quality control, which helps CS to meet their objectives.

The human resource planning has also been affected by quality circles because it shows that they have targeted the right people for the job to provide excellence in the quality of products. This can be the opposite for when the functions in HR have got a wrong, unmotivated employee, which means that the recruitment/ selection and training/development has wasted time and money and the whole process of recruiting the right person has to be done again.

This shows to me that quality circles have affected Human Resources in CS because the quality circles makes the employee feel part of the team to success, which motivates them or doesn’t.  Quality circles affects the Research ; Development (RD) function because when the employees are suggesting there are improvements to be made in quality control, it can mean that there can also be problems with the product e. g. if the are any improvements on the quality production process to be made, it can mean that there were side affects in the chocolate that the RD didn’t consider.

Quality circle helps the RD function, so that they can recognise any problems of the products that they didn’t consider. The Production function is affected by quality circles because knowing what improvements to be overcomed, will mean that there is something wrong in the production process. The quality circles will identify the problems, so that the production process can make the improvements e. g. the raw material might be all unsuitable to be eaten.

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