Legendary and well-known Triathlon events

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Every year there are a number of triathlon events which takes place around the world. Some of these races are mentioned here because they were the legends or the favorites of the community because they have grueling race conditions and courses or might have a long history.

Some of them are listed here:-
Hawaii Ironman World Championship, Kona, Hawaii
This event took place at Oahu in 1978 that five years after this sport was founded. Then it later moved to Kailua-Kona an island of Hawaii. The race covers over hundred miles on the lava flats on the island of Hawaii where the temperature goes up to 43° C. this race is challenging to the competitors with the experience in iron distance events.

Nice Triathlon, Nice, France
This race continued till 2002 when WTC adopted Ironman France. In 1980 there was a long distance triathlon held at kona which included swimming 4 km, biking 120 km and running 30 km. These were the two important events which included media and prize money.

St. Anthony’s, St. Petersburg, Florida
This is one of the largest Olympic distance triathlon with 4000 racers held at U.S. this event takes place in the month of April every year. This event attracts both amateur and professional racers. This is a very unofficial time triathlon events.

Escape from Alcatraz, San Francisco, California

This is a non standard race which includes swimming 2.4 km in San Francisco Bay then followed by 29 km of cycling and 13 km running in hilly area . the race includes a sand ladder which is to be climbed up, has a 400 step stair case.

In 1983, this race took place at Lake San Antonio in Northern California. This a half ironman distance race held every year near 1st may. This is one of the most important event which is held every year with more than 800 professionals. It is mainly known for its hill course and is divided into three different races of various lengths.
Life Time Fitness Triathlon Series
It is a series of five Olympic distance races. The athletes are given a $1.5 Million prize who takes part in this event comes from around the world.
There were some other events or triathlon which took place such as lowa Des Moines, Norseman Extreme Triathlon, Hardangerfjord, Norway, Clearwater, Florida, USA, Hy-Vee World Cup etc.

There are a number of people who are interested in this sport because of its fitness benefits. But in the initial stage this sport is scary and even difficult for the beginners. It requires a lot of cardio vascular exercises on daily basis and a flexible body. Because all the distinct sports have to be in a transition. The competition among the triathletes is for the overall time taken by them for the completion, which includes individual timing between swimming, running and biking. The athlete should be aware about the time management. If the athlete has lot of practice he can easily save time during the transitions.

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