Legalization of Marijuana

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There has been a long battle over whether or not to pursue legalizing marijuana. “Marijuana is any part of the plant Cannabis sativa L. , including viable seeds, resin, and derivatives of the plant, but not the stalk of the plant, or fiber,” defined by the federal and states laws (Rich). Marijuana has a long history including the era with Virginia in the 17th century having the first American lane involving marijuana (Rich).

The issue of legalizing marijuana is national, but some states have already legalized marijuana, therefore, cons and pros would not be uncommon with handling such an important matter. While many states are continuing debating to legalize marijuana, two have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Colorado and Washington State could only pass the law for proposition 19 is a law that legalizes marijuana in a state for recreational use (Marijuana legalization loses, but proponents say fight not over). Even under national alcohol prohibition, which unlike the federal ban on marijuana was authorized by a constitutional amendment, states were free to go their own way” (Sullum).

Many people believe the fight over marijuana is recent but the United States has been trying to legalize weed since the 1970s by the National Commission on Marijuana (Rich), however, In November of 2012, Election Day was very historic not only re-electing our first black president, but also Washington State and Colorado ecame the first two states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. More over, “anti- legalization activities, as well as the United States Supreme Court, have argued the federal government should have the power to supplant state and local laws, since people in states with permissive drug laws could conceivably trade with restrictive laws” (Rich). One state that voted was California, but the result was no to legalizing marijuana.

Californians have voted no to legalizing weed knowing that it solves no problems including health, budget and drug violence (Marijuana legalization loses, but proponents say fight not over). American citizens, including the government, believe marijuana legalization has many problems involved. The Federal government has been reinforcing the law on the possession of marijuana. Before the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington State, the feds certainly would make trouble for any state that dared to legalize pot (Sullum).

The sort of people who were eager to use it as a signal of rebellion disgusted the sort of people who were determined to keep it illegal, and the plant’s countercultural connotations have helped keep it illegal ever since” ( Sullum). Marijuana has caused 758, 000 arrests in 2011 (Commentary: On the defensive: marijuana law should go up in smoke). Four people who pass around a joint among themselves have each committed marijuana distribution making the law very strict (Commentary: On the defensive: marijuana law should go up in smoke).

Violent crimes have not only occurred within America, but between America and Mexico. Mexico was associated with Americans when Americans first realized it as a smoked intoxicant, with the accounts of bloody crimes allegedly caused by marijuana, portrayed it as “the most violent –causing drug in the history of madkins” (Sullum). Marijuana can also be looked upon for the benefits it provides from the taxes the government will enforce to the medical prescription for cancer patients. Doctors frequently prescribe these drugs for pain” (Commentary: On the defensive: marijuana law should go up in smoke).

“Unlike tobacco and alcohol, marijuana does not create dependency, and people do not go through withdrawal when they stop using” (Commentary: On the defensive: marijuana law should go up in smoke). Some argue that a substance that can be in a cigar or cigarette that has caused cancer remains legal (Ford) but “no death from marijuana overdose has ever been reported and that the ill effects of alcohol, nicotine, and prescription painkillers” (Ingraham).

Prosecutors, judges, and criminal defense attorneys rarely hear stories of marijuana users committing armed robbery or burglary to support their weed habits” (Commentary: On the defensive: marijuana law should go up in smoke) unlike known reports of people addicted to cocaine stealing from their loved ones. With America in a recession, legalizing and taxing marijuana will save money and benefit society (Commentary: On the defensive: marijuana law should go up in smoke).

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