Learning Styles

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Squaring off is a formative assessment that can be great for students of several learning styles. To complete this exercise I will place a card in each corner of the room that will have the choices of fruit, vegetable, grain, milk, and a card in the middle of the room for meat and beans. As I list out names of foods the students will go to the part of the room that best matches what the food is. An example of this is if I said an apple they would go to the fruit section and so on.

This will establish what knowledge the students already have and what we need to work on further. This will work well for students that are visual learners and kinesthetic learners. By allowing the students to move around the classroom this will allow them to interact and use their bodies to make a decision on what classification the particular food is. This movement will help them to remember where they were standing and associate that with the food classification.

The visual learner will be able to use these same principles to recall information as well. The next assessment is called draw it. This assessment requires the students to be paired up and create their own food pyramid. They must include pictures of food that belong in each section of the pyramid as well as list the recommended servings they should have per day. This activity will be well for students that learn through interpersonal studies.

Working in pairs is very helpful for some students because they can learn other perspectives nd bounce ideas off of each other. Naturalist will also benefit from this assessment since they will be classifying foods based upon where they fall on the food pyramid. Students that are visual/spatial learners will also benefit since they are drawing and creating their own learning tool. Pin the food on the pyramid is a game that can be played in both groups or alone. There will be a large felt cut out of the food pyramid with different colors to represent each classification of food.

The students will need to take the food cut outs with Velcro attached to it and place it in the proper section of the food pyramid. There will also be the choice of placing names of food instead of the food cut outs. This choice can benefit verbal/linguistic learners, visual/spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal, naturalist, and interpersonal learners. By having the choice on how and with whom you play allows this assessment to benefit a larger group of students. The final assessment will be a written test. The students will be provided a picture of the food pyramid and a list of foods.

The students will then be responsible for placing each food in the proper place and will be scored based upon how many they place in the correct category. The test is geared towards students that are verbal/linguistic learners and intrapersonal learners. These students work well alone and enjoy putting items in the proper category. This is not a test for all students since not every student works well this way and so the overall grade will be based on a combination of the assessments with detail concerning the student’s preferred learning style.

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