Learning styles

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1) What is your learning style and were you surprised by it? Why or Why not?

My learning style is Kinesthetic I’m not surprised at all I feel that suit’s me very well I somewhat disagree because I feel like I learn by Visual as well I feel as though I’m a better learner by sight. I agree because I’m a Do-er I rather do hands on if looking at it didn’t help me the first time.

2) Review How Do You Perceive and process Information? Describe three specific characteristics of your learning style. Provide an example of each characteristic.

Aural: For me doesn’t work I’m easily distracted. (Example) We’re at a seminar and he’s giving a speech someone coughing messes up my whole train of thought.

Read/Write: I love reading and writing, reading for me is like I’m there I become that person. Writing I like to write because I love my Penmenship. (Example) A good book I imagine myself as the person and try to feel what they are going threw. Even though I’m not a good person that put’s words together on paper I find that if I say it to somebody and they explain it to me I will be able to right.

3) How will understanding your learning style benefit you as a Student?

I feel my learning style would help me if I was actually in class I think I would be able to ask the teacher if she could give me material that I can do that’s more hands on so I could get the correct grade, some student’s have different learning styles. And I think if I would of done this in high school I would have had a better outcome.

4) How will understanding your learning style help you in your career?

I feel you should pick a job that you are interested in and that fits your learning style just an example why would you into a field where you had to sit and type all day knowing you want to be out and more hands on I feel it makes a big difference when it comes to career this is how associate with people daily you don’t want to have an attitude at work and take out on the wrong people, I’m just saying pick a job that fits your learning style.

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