Leadership Style

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The benefits of good team working in the our business is team working is efficient, means that our team gets the work done faster because of our desire to improved the customer satisfaction in our product and increasing our profit and growth in the business. Its like when have a large task, it can be broken down and getting into the smaller task which is easier for my team to work. Another benefit of team working in the business is that have a unique skills which can be combined and used to benefits within the business to making better product which can lead increasing the creativity in our team inside from the business. This can be done if our team have a desire to improve the customer services and high growth in the business.

In the relationship within the team is like important to our business as well because they can help people communicate better with one another, and friendships contribute to the job satisfaction. In that case our team will be comfortable relying each other and individual can be developing their own skills which can be future success in the business. We are more motivated working as a team because we felt that there is a loyalty and respect means that we tried our best to improved the future growth for our business is the future. The last thing is we also benefits for being to able to learn a new skills from each other which means that we sharing skills and qualities each other for making successful business growth in the business.

The limitation of our company is like if one of our member of the team didn’t corporate or sharing information on running a business, Its possible that our business going down and going to saturation and decline stage because people inside from the business haven’t don’t care on cooperating and running a business, Or even if one members of the team have a mistake for making a decision within the business, it can be lead a poor quality product and services or misleading. Another limitation for our company is the merchandise product we sell has not well enough profit because of the bad quality to the eye of customers and selling a very high price each product which leads a poor profit within the business.

Its is because we have not using a pricing strategies in the business, my team has responsibility to talk each other and comment what pricing strategies we using so that people encouraging to buy our merchandise product. But opportunely in the second day and third day selling a merchandise product to the customers is gaining a profit and the level of the product we selling to our customers is high which means that people like our services and the amount of prices we sell from them. And the last limitation for our company is we buy many stocks for our merchandise product which did not consume a higher profit that we expect to be. But hopefully we have our money back that we spent for all our stock in the business which is kind of successful in the team.

Leadership Style

There are numbers of different style of leadership that can used when organising and motivating peoples inside from the business. There are many types of leadership that can be found in the organisation which can be big impact to the employee or employees in the business. It can be affect the morale, and affecting in their work. Obviously, any businesses want to get the best performance on the workplace. The effective leadership must have a good knowledge on how maintaining the good performance people in the business. These can be lead to make greater good performance level, high motivated and good environmental and happy working in the organisation. However, bad leadership in the company while be occur that can lead staff laziness, absenteeism, misconduct and it could be one of the future risk in the business.

One of this is Dictator/Autocratic are leaders that tell their teams on what kind of job they do rather than just asking what kind of role they like, in this kind of style is that decisions can be lead very quickly and no wasting time for discussing for the business. This leadership is strict to their employees or workers. However, this will discipline the workers and that could lead to a high production. Employees working on an Autocratic leadership I think are not motivated as much as democratic, because being strict on your employees will not motivate them, instead they will have bad feelings towards on the boss. Democratic leadership means a leader allows all employees to work and taking responsibility within the business, and making their own decisions within their framework. I think that democratic style of leadership has a good effect especially for the employees.

They will feel motivated because their leaders have trust on them and this will encourage their employees to make decisions. This is employees or workers are motivated because they felt that they are important in the company. In other words, more efficient is done, and people tend to have a little more respect to each other since everyone seems to be equal. Employees or workers might get slightly less work and more productive and proactive. However Businesses can’t afford any mistakes from the decision making process and not all members giving their ideas to use. Laissez Fair means leaders who just giving work and responsibilities to take task, deadlines and allowing them to complete the task. Also they feel that they empowered employees allowed to work they own. The benefits of this style are the team getting more creative and bring more ideas within the business. However there is a problem that the leaders from the business did not like the employees produce the production or the services which can be poor production, and poor communication in the business.

Sean which is the team leader of our team used a democratic leadership style which providing organising, and monitoring the team to our merchandise business. Sean make decision for all members of the team on what members doing, technique on what type of what type of pricing strategies we going to used to sell our product and what kind of presentation we going to used to impress our customers to buy. But our leader giving framework of what type of merchandised we had to provide to sell and when we had to sell it. Sean making this type of leadership style its because we were able to make our team decision each other and deciding on what duties and responsibility we going to decided when the events is going to start.

A leadership is also can be a proactive and reactive leaders; proactive leadership – leaders are responsibility on business prediction on what might happen in the daily bases or in the future, also they work with the member of the staff to determine potential problems and opportunities. On the other hand reactive leadership is where leaders are one that just deals with the situations as they arise.

They are not innovative, preferring to follow the example of the other managers. So for leader of our business, Sean was a reactive leader because he did not predict what might be happen if our business is going to expand, but Sean demonstrates the pricing technique to sell our product to make more customers, also Sean planning how to do them before the day of our selling merchandise. This kind of work we doing in the team is allowed to not waste time before the selling day and some things might be wrong, but we must have time to ready and prepared for the day that we sell to make sure that no future risk are happen with us.

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