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This report is going to out line the business needs of the four business proposals presented by Software LTD, Public Relations Direct, Torch Telecommunications and Pore Design. I will then choose two proposals to accept and two to reject. Software LTD The business needs of Software LTD are to employ new staff and have enough physical space i.e. Office space. They will also need computers for their staff to work on. They will also need to budget for the purchase of the building, paying staff wages, holiday and sick pay. They may also need to hire a new manager to manage the new staff entering the company.

A similar company such as Software AG, who have set up in Pride Park have invested one million pounds in a new office. According to Business in Derbyshire published on the internet by the Derby Evening Telegraph they plan to employ a further 10 to 20 more people to expand on their current staff. Attached is a print out of the company statement from Software AG a similar company in Derby. Public Relations Direct The business needs for public relations direct is to but a new office to set a branch in derby and to employ new staff. They will also need to buy new office equipment for there new office. The company will have to budget for purchasing the new office space, office equipment. They will also need to employ a few people probably 2 – 3 to help with the workload.

A similar PR company is Text Edit Communications who have already set up in Vernon Street in derby say that there will be a lot of business due to derby’s strong historical links. Torch Telecommunications The business needs for Torch Telecom are to find labour and specialist fibre optic workmen to lay a ten million pound fibre optic network in the pride park area. The company will have to budget for delays in the laying of the network and for the inconvenience of tearing up the road to lay the network. The company will have to find companies who actually want to have this network for there business and to install it.

A similar company has recently invested a large amount of money in a 37 mile wide fibre optic network. They said Derby is an area with great potential. Pore Design Pore designs business needs are to purchase a new office in the derby area to broaden there offices to derby. They will need to purchase a new office with equipment such as desks and computers for the new employees to work on to design and code there new games.

A similar company called Core Design have recently set up business in Derby. Core Design is responsible for some of the top selling games in the UK such as Tomb Raider and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Accepted offers I have chosen to accept the following two offers from Torch Telecommunication and Pore Design. Torch Telecom I have accepted this offer from torch telecom because I believe that it would benefit a lot of companies in the area. This offer had a really strong case because of the presentation given and the hand out given to us during the presentation it outlines. The managing director at torch telecommunications says that the fibre optic service will provide a greater speed and reliability then the current system

I also believe that torch telecom can make this initiative work because they have worked on the East midlands network which is Britain’s largest fibre optic network. Also Chris Price claims that torches innovative technology will provide enormous benefits to derby’s businesses. They say that the inconvenience will be kept to a minimum as they are working closely with derby county council.

Torch telecommunications already operate in the pride park area with a fibre optic line for the internet banking company Egg. Phil Mannings the Egg telecommunications manager said that in the event of the failure of a link into the building, Torch offers alternative lines that allow the call centre to continue operating. Also torch have many alternative lines for each company that is connected to the network. So if there was a problem with one of the links then there is a back up so the company will not lose the use of their telecommunications.

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