Kung Fu: History and Basic Principles

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Frenchman name Jean Joseph Marie Amiot was the first person who coined this term – martial arts. According to the reference of China’s martial art Jean Joseph Marie Amiot was just a missionary of 18th century. The other names of this art are Kuoshu, Gongfu, and Wushu. The basic concept of this martial art is that it denotes expertise in any knowledge and they are not at all exclusive to other martial arts.

The concept, philosophy, and practice of this martial art can be easily traced by the texts of ancient Chinese like Sun Zi Bing Fa, Dao De Jing, and Zhuang Zi. These are just art of war that is written by Sun Zi. These texts are written in between 1111 BC to 255 BC. In the texts it is mention about the principles of Chinese martial art which is called Kung fu in the present time, apart from this it also contain the propagation and practice procedure of this form of art.

According to one of the theory written in the history of this sport, it recommends that the initial thesis of Chinese martial art was written by the Yellow Emperor in 2698 BC. However, some people believe that Taoist monks have launched this art form in 500 BC that represent the modern Tai Chi. Apart from this Pan Ku who was from Han dynasty had included his own discourse on the history of this martial art and he added his discourse in year between 39 AD to 92 AD, and his discourse is popularly known as “Six Chapters of hand Fighting”. As soon as martial art had started gaining immense popularity, in 220 AD one of the physicians named Hua T’uo has also written his own thesis which was named as “Five Animals Play”.

Slowly this form of martial art had started gaining popularity and had become a common word in the western countries in the late 60s. In increasing the production and creation of martial art movies western countries had contributed a lot, they have made many martial art movies starring some great actors like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Lee.

Basically there are three major principles of this game and they are Time, Discipline, and Motivation.

Motivation: While learning Kung fu the real motivation is inspiration not force that should come from inner core of heart. It is very essential that you should develop your body and mind for learning martial art. Here motivation means basic driving force.

Discipline: While learning this art it is very important that you should maintain your discipline towards it. If you are disciplined then surely it will motivate your actions and deed that you will learn. So it is very important to have discipline or else without it motivation is just an inactive state of mind.

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