Julia Gillard Should Give National Holiday For Cadel Evans Tour Win

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Cadel Evans will create history tonight when he becomes the first Australian to win the Tour de France.

For the many Australians who have spent the last three weeks on only a few hours sleep watching the awesome courage of our new national hero will be hoping for a National holiday to try and recover. The Prime minister of Australia Julia Gillard should give all Australians a national holiday to honor Cadel Evans winning the Tour de France.

Not only were the odds stacked against Cadel with the two Schleck trying to destroy him and having to do most of the chasing on his own, he also had to deal with a mechanical incident while Alberto Contador was on the attack in stage 19. Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck did the best they could to take Cadel out of the equation but Cadel fought back like a tiger to catch them before the final climb at Alp d’Huez.

Once they were on Alp d’huez, Contador put in a great attack that left the Schlecks and Cadel in his wake. With the Schlecks having to do the pace making so Contador would not gain to much time on them, all Cadel had to do was sit in behind them and enjoy the ride as he is a superior time trialist and new he could make up the lost time to Andy Schleck in the next stage .

It appeared at one stage that Andy Schleck had asked Cadel to help with the pace making but this was not going to happen. Why would Cadel help them out now after they had been trying to destroy him the whole tour.

In the final time trial, Cadel did the time trial of his life. It was spectacular to watch as he turned a 57 second deficit into a lead of over a minute. For every Australian who was watching it was not just a sigh of relief but a huge sense of pride that an Aussie had finally created history who has had more ups and downs in his career than a yoyo.

What Cadel has shown is that he can do it in the mountains on his own. He doesn’t need anybody else in his team there like the other teams in the mountains. That is not to say that his team was much help to him, because they did an awesome job protecting Cadel for the whole tour. Every rider in team BMC did there job to look after Cadel the best they could and Cadel could not have won the tour without their help.

Tomorrow morning Australian time in Paris is going to be the crowning of a new Australian icon. Every Australian should be proud of what Cadel Evans has achieved and stay up and watch history in the making.

So come on Julia Gillard, give us a national holiday to celebrate one of the greatest sporting achievements by an Australian.

Cadel Evans, I and every other Australian are so very proud of you and what you have accomplished and we will happily shed a tear with you on the podium in Paris. You are a legend.

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