Judo –The Game and Its History

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Judo is a Japanese kind of martial art which means “the gentle way.” It forms the basis for other forms of traditional Japanese martial arts, and the methodology and the teaching style of Judo was set as a benchmark for Japanese martial arts, which was developed by the Japanese Traditional Schools.

This competitive sport was created in 1882 by Dr. Kano Jigoro. In this, the person or the participant has to throw his or her competitor onto the ground or suppress him either through force or by trying to hold him down by “choking” him. Striking by hand or thrusting is sometimes allowed but not during competition.

Other well known sports like the Bartitsu, Sambo, Jiu Jitsu of Brazil have developed from Judo.

Jiu Jitsu, the Brazilian martial art also follows almost the same techniques like Judo. In this sport, the opponent tries to win over its competitor by grounding him.

The Sambo or Sombo, the Russian Martial art is a modern game and combines the techniques of Judo, wrestling and karate. Sambo is the official sport of Russia.

The founder of Judo, Jogoro Kano was an educator and the invention or development of Judo by him was largely influenced because to his physical structure. He was often bullied due to his frail structure and to enhance his physical skills, he took the help of Jiu Jitsu, the Brazilian martial art. It was difficult for him to find a tutor who would accept him as he was though he continued studying the art form. Eventually Fukuda Hachinosuke took him as a student. He was the one who encouraged Jogoro Kano to use free practice and not to follow a set rule in Judo.

Kano’s luck did not last long since after a year of joining him, Fukuda died of illness and Kano joined Iso Masatomo’s School. This school was different due to the fact that it encouraged the use of a set methodology. Kano through his practice and dedication mastered the skills and when Iso too met the same fate like that of Fukuda, Kano joined Likubo Tsunetoshi. Kano was lucky this time around since Likubo followed the same methods like that of Fukuda and believed in the use of free practice.

After gaining experiences in different methods of Jiu Jitsu from different teachers, Kano wanted to develop something new which would help in the overall development of a person’s mind and body and also enhance the person’s character. With this aim in mind, Kano started teaching a new form of martial art, which initially was also called as Kano Jiu-Jitsu. The name Judo was later derived from the meaning of Jiu Jitsu which was “gentle”.

The person who practices Judo is called “Judoka” and the teacher is called “Sensei”. The trainees or the beginners are called Kenkyu-sei. Kano encouraged the use of Judo in daily life since he believed that it will help in developing the overall personality of an individual both emotionally and physically.

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