Judo and Its Rules

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Judo, the Japanese martial art is also called the “combat sport,” and like every other sport, Judo also has certain rules which needed to be followed while playing, practicing or during competition. The rules were made so that nobody gets hurt during competition and that everybody follows a set procedure.

Before the game begins, certain procedures are followed. They are as mentioned below:

1. The Judokas have to bow before they enter the play area or the mat.
2. Both the participants are supposed to bow to each other before starting the game.
3. Misbehavior like using gestures, bad language, and others are strictly prohibited.

Some of the safety rules are:

Striking, punching or kicking is not allowed.

The Judokas are not supposed to intentionally hurt each other.

They are not supposed to attack any other joints except the elbow.

The participant should not touch each other’s face.

Any metals should not be used during the game. A participant is not even allowed to wear any metals like rings and others.

Hitting with the head is also strictly prohibited.

It is also very important to follow certain procedures during the competition.

The most important of is that the participants are supposed to bow to each other before the play begins and also respecting the Judges is mandatory.

Some other rules are:

1. The judokas should not adopt defensive methods or they should not try to stop or escape from the attack.

2. Personal hygiene of the participant is also equally important and the participants need to have clean and short nails. If the Judokas have long hair then that is supposed to be tied up.

3. Since the opponent is not supposed to hurt his/her competitor so to ground the competitor, the participant needs to throw the other person down and execute a “choke” which should not be harmful. The person being choked has to announce his submission by tapping twice either with his hand or toe.

The rules are developed to avoid hurting among the participants. The rules are mostly traditional which have been followed for a long time, but there are certain rules which are invented during modern times. Penalties are also given for participants who break the rules or who are not participating in the game sincerely. These are decided upon by the judges. A penalty does not mean that the participant is out of the game, but the first penalty is regarded as a warning and there are two more warning given. The fourth warning is the final warning and the match is stopped when it is announced. Penalties are also given when one of the opponents is pushed outside the mat on which the competition is held.

The rules of the game keep changing as per needs and requirements. It also changes when time changes and various new techniques are invented into the game and mainly for safety precautions. It also changes per the country, club or on the level of competition being held.

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