Journey to Rawhampton

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Today’s my very last day at Silverdale, and I’m feeling rather slightly cold and blue. One thing for certain is that I’m going to Miss Zoe so much! mum just called me to” make sure I had put all my clothes in the box and placed them in the truck”. It was making me feel more nervous as I see the truck seems so large and full of all the belongings in my household that was placed so nicely in my home.

As I close my bedroom door for the very last time, I look back into my normally small but now empty cold large room and notice my windows still wide open, I carry myself to close it, as mum calls me to “hurry up! I walk down the stairs feeling anxious about the new future before me. We get into our Mercedes that fits so nicely in this neighbourhood and drive away from field road looking back towards my home that no longer belongs to me. The last glance is the same glance that will never leave me. We were on the highway to Rawhampton, I have mix feelings about leaving Silverdale It doesn’t bother me leaving because I don’t have many close friends in Silverdale, but hope to make a fresh start and make more new friends in Rawhampton.

But the strange anxious feeling doesn’t go away but gets worse as we near Rawhampton. I hope that I meet this Daz that Zoe has been telling me about; Zoie’s promised me emails everyday to fill me in with gossip and tell me about how she is and how her boyfriend is. I really hope that one day that I and Zoe can meet again. As we drive past the motorway and the green and yellow field’s flashes past me I start to wonder about all my memories in Silverdale.

One of the main parts of Silverdale is my best friend Zoe IV known her since reception, and remembers her strange and awkward laugh. Tears start to prick up in my eyes and my mum notices so puts on the radio. But it doesn’t help as a slow song comes on called “till the end of the road”. As the motorway closes, I see a lot of traffic as a three police cars speeds past us. I tried so hard not to have negative thoughts but now it felt too overwhelming. The anxious feeling made much more sense because I knew and so did my mum that we had a very long journey ahead of us. This move was going to be a drastic one.

Rawhampton is known as a chippy area. I can’t believe dad can do this. As we drive into smaller roads, my mum points towards the window. As I glance I see a building but is it really a building? One side of it is burnt and I can see children smoking near the gates. There not even ashamed! The school looks so rough down and all UN – kept, so contrasted to Sarah Bonnell high which was all private and neat. No one was wearing uniform and you couldn’t see the boy’s faces as they were wearing low hoodies. I couldn’t bare it!

The roads get smaller and my dad announces that were here. As I look down my road, it hits me on the face. Everything looks so different, from the sizes of the houses, to the front gardens. I overlook a group of girls standing at the edge of my new road, staring at me. It dawns me how am I going to fit it this new ghetto area! It looks like the downtown areas in films. All the cars are small and there’s graffiti everywhere. There are two shops in the middle of the road one looked like a local pub, and the other a Ladbrokes. A very nerving combination.

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