Jonas’s Community

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In Jonas’s Community everything is laid out for them. There are no choices jobs are chosen for them, to have a spouse (wife or husband) you have to apply and the match has to be perfect. One of the many jobs is laborer, a women assigned to have three children then work in the community for the rest of her life till she reaches the house of the old. Every year there is a ceremony for the children (1-12) where they are given special items such as a bicycle, jackets, and hair lengths. At the ceremony of 12 the job is given to each child. Once a year there are ceremonies through out the whole day to every one of that age roup.

In other words there are no birthdays for anyone. The people in the community don’t die they are released. The old at a certain age are released, a young toddler who doesn’t sleep or act well, and someone who has committed three serious crimes against the community. The people of Jonas’s community can’t see color and don’t have memories of the past, such as wars animals, and color. Only one person in thee community has all of these and that person is the Receiver of Memory. He or she holds all of the memories of the past so the community doesn’t carry the burden.

Once ten years ago the receiver in raining couldn’t hold the burden herself and asked to be released. The memories that she had didn’t go back to the current receiver, but out to the community, they panicked and nearly tore themselves apart. They didn’t let the receiver or receiver in training ever apply for a release again. Jonas and the Giver, a nick name” for the receiver in training, come up with a plan to release the memory from Jonas. On a long and treacherous journey Jonas tries to make to Elsewhere. As he travels on his memories are slowly fading away from his grasp.

Just as they, the Giver and Jonas, planned the memories went back to the community and he Giver helped them receive the memories just as he had done with Jonas. Jonas lives in a community where pain, rudeness, and war are non-existent. Every child undergoes a ceremony in December every year until they reach twelve years of age, at which point they receive their Assignments, the jobs they will perform as adults. A committee of Elders carefully watches each child in order to determine which adult occupation best suits his or her talents and interests. Read about MAD GAB

The committee also takes the greatest care in matching spouses in order to ensure stable marriages. No couple is allowed to aise children until the committee determines they are capable of being good parents. Every day, families undergo rituals of sharing, in which they analyze their feelings and dreams with one another. As his Ceremony of Twelve approaches, Jonas is apprehensive because he has no idea what Assignment he will receive. His parents try to allay his fears by explaining that the committee takes Assignments very seriously, so they rarely make the wrong choices.

Meanwhile, Jonas’ family begins temporarily caring for a newchild, or infant, named Gabriel. Gabriel is lagging behind the other newchildren in development, so Jonas’s father, a Nurturer, decides to care for Gabriel in his home at night in the hopes that it will help Gabriel catch up with the other newchildren. If Gabriel fails to meet the standards of normal development, he will have to be “released. ” Release of a is a sad event because Jonas’ father and the other Nurturers feel that they have failed to do their jobs.

The release of the elderly is a celebrated event because it signals an acknowledgment of productive life-long contribution to the community. Release is also used as a punishment for those who break the community’s ules. Jonas does not know exactly what release means, but he thinks that it means sending people to live “Elsewhere”–away from the community. When the day of the Ceremonies arrives, Jonas discovers that he has been selected to be the next Receiver of Memory, the position with the highest honor in the community.

Ten years before, a girl named Rosemary was chosen, but she failed to live up to expectations. Jonas learns that it is now forbidden to even speak her name aloud. He learns that his training will involve great pain, but that the current Receiver is sure that Jonas is strong enough to endure it. Jonas receives a sheet of instructions informing him that he is not allowed to discuss his training with anyone. He is also exempt from the rules regarding rudeness; he is allowed to ask a question of anyone and receive an answer. He is also permitted to lie.

Jonas is both proud and afraid to have been chosen for such an honorable role. The current Receiver, now known as the Giver (since Jonas is the new Receiver), must transmit the memories of the whole world to Jonas. The Receiver’s chief role is to use the wisdom these memories give him in order o advise the committee in shaping future policy for the community. Through these memories, Jonas comes to experience the deepest sufferings and the deepest joys of the past. He learns that the community eliminated things such as snow, color, and love long ago in order to make itself into a utopia.

Over time, Jonas becomes increasingly alienated from his community because he sees a rainbow of colors where they see nothing but shades of gray. Their emotions are only a shadow of what he experiences through his memories. He begins to question whether it was worth it to sacrifice so much to create a utopian community. Meanwhile, he learns that a Birthmother is due to have identical twins and that his father will have to choose which of the newborns to “release. ” The Giver allows Jonas to watch a videotape of the Ceremony of Release. Jonas is horrified to discover that “release” is a euphemism for killing.

The Giver explains that Rosemary was unable to deal with the painful memories she was expected to receive. She chose to “release” herself rather than continue her training. When she died, the memories she had received were released into the community, causing chaos until they were assimilated. The Giver has also long questioned the community’s values. He and Jonas develop a plan to force the community to share the burden of the memories. If Jonas can escape the community, the memories he has received will be released. The Giver will stay behind to help the community cope with the shock.

Because there is no appropriate replacement old enough to take Jonas’ place, the community will also be forced to receive the memories of humanity’s past from the Giver. Soon after this discussion, Jonas learns that the committee has decided to release Gabriel because he has failed to develop properly. Jonas decides to flee earlier than he had planned, taking Gabriel with him. For days, he and Gabriel elude the search planes until they reach Elsewhere. Jonas, half-starved and exhausted, climbs to the top of a steep hill in a snowstorm where he finds a sled. Cradling Gabriel, he rides down the hill on the sled.

He thinks he can see lights shining through windows in the distance. In the Giver by Lois Lowry there was a young man by the name of Jonas who lived in a very different world from ours. He lived in this place that was called a community. In this community there was no color, people were all treated the same, and most of all they never experienced real hurt like a lost in the amily or heart break. They didn’t have any feelings at all. This book was very interesting to me. In the Giver there were ceremonies held every year for the kids turning one through twelve.

These ceremonies were suppose to be like there birthdays. In the community no one really cared when you were born. The only thing that they really cared about was the ceremonie. But the most important ceremonie of all was the ceremonie of twelves. In this ceremonie the kids turning twelve would receive the assignment of what there future careers would be. In this community people weren’t allowed to make decisions like that. As a matter of fact woman weren’t even allowed to give birth to their own children. The woman who had the children were the women who the committee thought weren’t any good in the community.

After they had the children, the women were to work as laboreres. The children would then go to proper families when they were healthy enough and were able to walk. The assignment Jonas got was to be the Receiver. The Receiver was to receive all the memories of the past so that if the committee ever had any trouble trying to make a decision they would just ask the Receiver to help them make this decision by telling them of the past. This was a very difficult job because the Receiver was to be in pain all the time because the memories of hurt would just keep coming into it’s head.

I admired Jonas for being very brave because he has never ever really felt real pain. No matter how bad things got he keeped on going right up until the end when he found out what it really meant to be released. Right up until that moment Jonas thougt that to be released meant to go live in a different community. He didn’t know that to be released was to be killed. When he found out he got so mad that he escaped from his community. Jonas did not relax until he new he was safe away from that awful community. He knew if he got caught he could be in an awful lot of trouble.

As a matter of fact he could of gotten released himself. The Giver was a very interesting book. I suggest that children should read this book so that they can be able to learn a few things about life. As a matter of fact adults should read it to. Reading this book I got to learn alot of things. Like for example you haven’t actually lived life until you have experienced real hurt and pain. The Giver is about a boy named Jonas who lives in the future in an almost perfect community. Jonas is hosen to be the person who carries all the memories of the past, given to him by the giver.

It is by Lois Lowry. There are many good and bad things in the Giver. Some good things are that hardly anyone gets hurt. When people do get hurt they take a pill and the pain goes right away. No one ever breaks bones or anything. There are no criminals, and there are no locks on any homes or buildings. Another good thing is that everyone knows who everyone else is and it’s a very small community with only a few hundred people. There are hardly ever any visitors from outside the community. Sometimes kids from other communities go lay with the kids in the book’s community.

All the people are provided with homes, jobs, and food. A bad thing about the giver’s community is release. When a person breaks a major rule, is too old, or isn’t right as a baby they get released. Release is killing. In the book there are twins and the smaller one has to be released. His father turned and opened the cupboard. He took out a syringe and a small bottle. Very carefully he inserted the needle into the bottle and began to fill the syringe with a clear liquid. Jonas winced sympathetically. He had forgotten that newchildren had to get shots.

He hated shots himself, though he knew they were necessary. To his surprise, his father began very carefully to direct the needle into the top of the newchild’s forehead, puncturing the place where the fragile skin pulsed. The newborn squirmed and wailed faintly “Why’s he-” “Shhh,” The giver said sharply. His father was talking, and Jonas realized that he was hearing the answer to the question he had started to ask. Still in the special voice, his father was saying, “I know, I know. It hurts, little guy. But I have to use a vein, and the veins in your arm are still too teeny- eeny. He pushed the plunger very slowly, injecting the liquid into the scalp vein until the syringe was empty.

“All done. ! That wasn’t so bad, was it? ” Jonas heard his father say cheerfully. He turned aside and dropped the syringe into a waste receptacle. Now he cleans him up and makes him comfy, Jonas said to himself, aware that the giver didn’t want to talk during the little ceremony. As he continued to watch, the newchild, no longer crying, moved his arms and legs in a jerking motion. Then he went limp. His head fell to the side, his eyes half open. Then he was still.

With an odd, shocked feeling, Jonas recognized the gestures and posture and expression. They were familiar. He had seen them before. But he couldn’t remember where. Jonas stared at the screen, waiting for something to happen. But nothing did. The little twin lay motionless. His father was putting things away. Folding the blanket. Closing the cupboard. Once again, as he had on the playing field, he felt the choking sensation. Once again he saw the face of the light haired, bloodied soldier as life left his eyes. The memory came back. He killed it! My father killed it! Jonas said to himself, stunned at what he was ealizing.

He continued to stare at the screen numbly. His father tidied the room. Then he picked up a small carton that lay waiting on the floor, set it on the bed, and lifted the limp body into it. He placed the lid on tightly. He picked up the carton and carried it to the other side of the room. He opened a small door in the wall Jonas could see darkness behind the door. It seemed to be the same sort of chute into which trash was deposited at school. His father loaded the carton containing the body into the chute and gave it a shove. “Bye-bye, little guy,” Jonas heard his father say before he left the room.

Some more bad things are that there are lots of rules and none of them can be broken or else whoever broke it is punished or released. Only the reciever knows anything about the past. They get all the memories from the previous reciever. They are memories of things like war, love, starvation, climate, and lots of other good and bad things. Another bad thing is that they can’t love anyone. Their spouses are picked for them and they consider the word “love” improper English. They take pills so they don’t love anyone. No one sees color except the reciever because the memories are in color. The Giver’s community is a stupid, boring place.

Nothing ever happens there very interesting. There are lots of pointless rules. The way things are today is much better. The Giver Review By Will Jackson The story of The Giver takes place in an isolated village in a fictional world. In this village nobody can see colors and nobody has memories. This community has given their memories up to have peace and harmony. They use pills to take their memories away. Jonas, the main character, is a young boy turning twelve. The Giver is training Jonas for his life job to be the receiver of memories. As he eceives these memories Jonas is learning the truth of the community and is thinking it is wrong.

The moral of the story is that peace and harmony may not be worth the cost. I really liked to read this story. It had a totally different life than ours. They lived in a black and white world without colors. Jonas was very different and out of the ordinary. I do not know what I would do if I were in Jonas’ shoes. In the story there are a lot of hints of what is going to happen. I like to try to predict what will happen next. The story has a lot of surprises and flashbacks. What the releasings ere about surprised me. I enjoyed the author’s writing. There were a lot of new words for me. Like accumulates or exhilarating.

In The Giver there are more grownup phrases than in most of the books that I read. For example Lois Lowry used “his throbbing leg” instead of “his hurt leg”. I also liked her phase “he knew abruptly” where I would have written, “he knew quickly”. Another example is “Jonas’s arms were immobilized with pain”. There were a lot of places that made you think and then the author later told you what it meant. You think, “that makes sense”. I really liked those times when it akes you think. If you liked the movie Pleasantville, you would like this book. The movie Pleasantville has a lot of characteristics similar to The Giver.

Pleasantville is a black and white TV world where everything happens again and again. The people have given up all their strong emotions and have a certain fate. The Giver community has the same concepts as Pleasantville. Two children come to Pleasantville and cause the villagers to have strong emotions and this turns the world from black and white to color. In The Giver, Jonas receives everyone’s memories, colors, and emotions and this hanges him. The authors did not copy each other but they had pretty similar ideas. I really enjoyed the thoughts the author put into this book.

Drew’s review The story starts at the coming of age ceremony where the new 12s get there different jobs. Jonas became the Reciever of Memories. His trainer was the Giver. The giver gives Jonas a lot of different memories. Some of them include sunburns, a broken legs, deaths, love, happiness, sledding in snow and war. Jonas decides to runaway from his community and goes into a new community on the way jonas falls on the bike that he stole from his father. At the top of the snow covered hill Jonas and Gab ind a sled. Suddenly memories flood back to Jonas from his old live. His sled picks up speed and flys down the hill.

Jonas in the end goes into elsewhere. Kyle’s Review Jonas lives in a community were everything is laid out for him. When he goes to the ceremony of 12 (the ceremony of 12 is like a birthday, everybody has the same birthday and it is celebrated at the same time the other 12s are) his number for his assignment is skipped. Everyone there was confused and worried. At the end when all the other 12’s were given their assignments, the ead elder called Jonas up to the stage and gave him his assignment, the greatest honor, the Receiver of Memory (the person who keeps all of the memories).

At first he is proud of his assignment, but as the months pass on the memories that are given to Jonas change from joy to pain, sorrow, war, and unhappiness. The Giver and Jonas come up with a plan to release Jonas’s memories to the community by going to Elsewhere (to another place). Even though it is all planned out Jonas has to leave early because a young friend is about to be released (put to sleep), so he brings him with him. As they ride away losing track of the memories as they are riding by night, sleeping by day. The community is tracking Jonas and Gabriel with searchplanes.

By Matthew Colleen Jonas lives in a community were everything is laid out for him. When he goes to the ceremony of 12 his number for his job is skipped. Everyone there was confused and worried. At the end when all the other 12’s were given their jobs the head elder called Jonas up and gave him his job, the highest honor, the Receiver of Memory. At first he is proud, but as the months wear on and the memories that are given turn from joy to pain, sorrow, war, and unhappiness. He and The Giver come up with a plan to release Jonas’s memories by going to Elsewhere.

Even though it is all planned out Jonas has to leave early because a young friend is about to be released so he brings him with him. As they ride away covered by the blanket of darkness. Riding by night sleeping by day. Jonas and Gab are being tracked by the community and are losing track of the memories the plan is working! They work their way up to a hillside covered with snow. Jonas was so weak that he took Gab out of the bike and dropped it. He slowly drudged up the hill and found a sled waiting for him. He got on with gab and slid down into Elsewhere.

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