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Today the Shari Window model is especially relevant due to modern emphasis on, and influence of, ‘soft’ skills, behavior, empathy, cooperation, inter- group development and interpersonal development. Over the years, alternative Shari Window terminology has been developed and adapted by other people – particularly leading to different descriptions of the four regions, hence the use of different terms in this explanation. Don’t let it all confuse you – the Shari Window model is really very simple indeed.

Interestingly, Left and Ingram called their Shari Window model Shari’ after combining their first names, Joe and Harry. In early publications the word actually appears as ]O’Hara’. The Shari Window soon became a widely used model for understanding and training self-awareness, personal development, improving communications, interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, team development and inter-group relationships. The Shari Window model is also referred to as a ‘disclosure/feedback model of self awareness’, and by some people an ‘information processing tool’.

The Shari Window actually represents information – feelings, experience, views, attitudes, skills, intentions, motivation, etc – thin or about a person – in relation to their group, from four perspectives, which are described below. The Shari Window model can also be used to represent the same information for a group in relation to other groups. 1 . Introduction to Self- Development 1. 1 What is Self-Development Self-Development is a process that one undertakes to develop ones potential as a person and as a manager Self-development is self-initiative based.

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