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The staff will also need to accept that their record will be check to see if they done any criminal activities etc and they also accept that their record will be given to other businesses that they might work for in the future and this is called the criminal record beau (CRB).the employees will also accept to maternity leaves, which is a combination of sick leave, vacation leave and for woman this also includes leave for giving birth meaning that they will still be paid while they are away.

When a staff member takes a day off work they will have to inform the school of why they are not present and when will they be returning to work this is important because the school can assign another employee to cover for them while they are not at work. If an employee is about to leave work then they should inform the school at least one month before they leave this is important for the because they can find an new employee before the current one leaves, this is so the business keeps operating. All the employees have to accept the safety rules of the workplace to keep a safe environment, e.g. if there is a fire than they will know where the fire exits are and also not to run because this can cause disturbance for other members.

Their off and on – the – job training and development opportunities Off the job training for the Head of department If a head of department is new to a subject than s/he will need to take training classes outside the school because it will not interfere with the school work. They will be sent on different courses depending on what they need training on, for example if the head is finding difficulties working with finance than they can take classes which teach them how to handle finance. This will help the head because s/he will be able to learn new skills to help them without the need of skipping work time meaning that they will be able to do their normal work as well as training.

Off the job training for the Teachers Teachers will learn about how to work with the head of department, admin and the students. They will also learn how to teach students properly and how to help them more accurately and also give them useful tips. For example if a teacher is having difficulties with Business than s/he can take lessons outside the school to learn more skills on teaching that lesson.

Off the job training for the Admin Admin might need help with working more accurately and on time and so going on a training course will help them with the work they are doing, so when they come back they will know more about how to deal with the problems when they arise and also work properly to meet deadlines set by the head of the department. On the Job Training This is when and trainer comes to the business to train a the head of department, teachers and the admin.

On the job training for Head of department The head of department might need help with using a computer software to track students progress and so rather than going outside the school to learn s/he can use a tutorials or a trainer inside the school to help them, they may also learn from another head of department and gain skills from that. This is useful because they can still work while getting help from the trainer so he/she is still useful to the business.

On the job training for Teachers The teachers might need help with using the interactive whiteboard and so another teacher can teach him/her on how to use it and s/he won’t have to waste time training outside the school. This is also useful because the school won’t have to spend too much money on training because they can tell other teachers to help each other.

On the job training for Admin An admin might be finding hard dealing with a new photocopier and so other members of the school can teach him/her on how to use it. This will be useful because if they will also be using the same photocopier as the admin and this means it will help them more accurately.

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