Job Training

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This is the first day of our On the Job Training as a requirement of our Financial Management Program. Everybody has been excited because this is what we are waiting for, to apply our knowledge in real life situation for us to become a successful and employed individual someday. On-the-job training (OJT) is one of the best training methods because it is planned, organized, and conducted at the employee’s worksite. OJT will generally be the primary method used for broadening employee skills and increasing productivity.

It is particularly appropriate for developing proficiency skills unique to an employee’s job- especially jobs that are relatively easy to learn and require locally-owned equipment and facilities. This is one method by which students is given a chance to apply the theories and computations that they have learned from the school. It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting. Colleges and universities require their students to undergo such trainings within a specific number of hours as a part of the curriculum.

We have given 240 hours to undergo and pursue this training that will help us to acquire knowledge and skills that will serve as a tool to face the challenges of life in the future. It will set our mind of what does a real world of accounting is all about. Others think that accounting matters only on numbers or quantitative information; however, it also matters or related in decision making and business operations. It also somewhat related to the development of our skills in communication, leadership and management.

Thus, experience is vital to one’s improvement and preparing students to their career is the best way to set them on success. A week before our OJT, our adviser explained to us the rules and regulation for us to always follow the instructions of the superiors, the type of the clothes to wear and the different facilities that can used by the trainees. Today is the first day of our OJT and I was so very nervous but excited. At exactly 8:00 in the morning, I and Banessa Baclig are required to report this day at RBCI Cabugao Branch. We looked to their HR officer Miss Marygine Rosario and then gave our communication letter given by our school. Also read about my first day at work experience

After that they assigned us to one of their branches, the Sinait Branch, located at Sinait, Ilocos Sur. As we entered their main door, we greeted them a nice morning and introduced ourselves. For the first hour, we are assigned to their filling cabinets for us to rearrange them, and then we do posting, encoding, sealing, and typewriting, believe it or not it was my first time to use a typewriter and I was so nervous because if you made a mistake you will not be able to delete it, but thanks God I did it with no single mistake taken.

We took our break time at exactly 10:00 AM, and 12:00 for our lunch break, and then we have our break time again at 3:00. At exactly 5:00 PM, we went home. And it was a great start and an enjoyable experienced and in the near future I’ll apply those things that I learned during my OJT time. In this training I can say that I’m transformed into a real better person.

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