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All employees will wish to see the business be successful, to keep their jobs and income. They expect to be entitled to job security, make sure their job place is secure at McDonalds. Expect to be paid well, feel as if they are part of the family, and ensure their job is safe for the foreseeable future, entitled to proper training for the future, hard work in return for profit, managers to give those promotions or exemplary bonus.

They expect to have an interesting job. McDonalds ensure employees are a happy group of stakeholders as they have a big impact on McDonald’s business. McDonald’s restaurants rotate work stations so that one employee is not doing the same job for too long. They will also offer performance related bonuses. It is important that McDonalds follows the employee protection laws. McDonalds have to ensure that they protect the health, safety and rights of employees. If these laws are not followed then it is possible that McDonalds can face consequences from the government. They can be closed down.


They are responsible for the quality of the output of the business and therefore influence the success of a business. The performance of the employees is a key factor in the success of the business. McDonalds have to ensure that employees are happy through initiatives such as family flexi working where members of family can cover each other shift. Owners and managers are usually keen to consult with the employees about their work and feelings. McDonalds ensure that the workers have flexible scheduling and keep their staff competitive. Many of McDonald’s workers are promoted higher up in hierarchy over time. If they are well-motivated and produce quality products then the business will achieve greater success. Employees would have to also explain what people are consuming and influence people to buy different things from McDonalds.

They have to build a polite relationship with consumers. Employees play an important role with the customer itself, they should persuade the customer to buy their products or use their service. Employees have to make sure that they are friendly, helpful and polite towards customers in order for customers to buy McDonald’s foods. The staff’s expect to receive bonuses from the company, promotion opportunities, perks, profit sharing schemes, bonuses, special discounts, a good working environment, and a decent wage from McDonalds and job security. The employees are one of the most powerful people in the business; they determine if the business is successful as they are at the forefront of each restaurant. They can make the business run low and high. With highly trained staff’s the restaurant can do very well and make a quite a lot of profit.

Also, if the staff’s were to go on strike-as they were not happy with employment conditions or pay, the business will lose quite a lot of money but this will not directly affect the business net profit. It is important for the business to keep their staff happy making sure they are not undervalued, this could be heard from other people, for example a group touring their factories. This could be passed on and people looking for a future job would go else where. If employees are always discouraged and discontented with their job products would not turn out as efficient as they should.


The franchisees are part of the McDonalds three legged strategy. They considered as a powerful stakeholder at McDonalds. A franchisee is someone who pays the firm for the privilege of being allowed to sell its tried-and-tested product. The franchisee of McDonalds shares an agreement with them so that they can use the name and reputation of the organisation. The franchisees have to follow strict rules about how the business must be run. McDonalds also takes part of the profit and fees for franchisees, including the advertising fees.


They expect their product to be successful and keep a secure place in the market. Banks are usually willing to lend money to a franchisee. McDonalds can benefit from this as they may need a loan to expand on their business or starts up another restaurant Franchisees expect continuous support from the franchiser. If there is a problem at McDonalds, the franchiser may often the answer straight away, as similar problems may have occurred with other franchisees. Franchisees expect support from McDonalds and they also expect to gain a good reputation as it is the livelihood of the franchisee.


Franchisees influence the success of the business. They have the power to close down the business any time. They can also sell the business. The franchisee does no cooperate according to the agreement it could have a major affect on McDonalds. If a franchisee was not happy with the way McDonalds treated them this may show in bad performance of their restaurant which will affect the whole organisations reputation.

External stakeholders: The government is interested in McDonalds because if the UK has successful businesses it will have a successful economy. If McDonalds earns more so will the government. The government has to be a structure to the restaurant i.e. occasionally gives the company grants and enforcing new laws that the company must abide by. The government is provided with income through taxation from the business.

In return provide them with services, for example, transport systems. Also to provide health and safety rules for customers and employees. For example give McDonalds certain limits that they can meet and take care of the litter produced by them. The government helps the business with environmental issues, charity work and gives peak prices to people in government jobs such as police officers. The government also ensures that McDonalds follow all laws and regulations. There is both local and national government each one having a different influence on McDonalds


The local government expects McDonalds to help with unemployment by providing jobs in low employment areas. The local government expects to provide local jobs otherwise the government has to pay out job seekers allowance. McDonalds are expected to operate in a fair way, pollution, recycling etc. The government expects McDonalds to follow laws, health ; safety factors, get rid of litter produced by them and help with unemployment. The government want McDonalds to be successful to reduce unemployment. The national government expects McDonalds to pay for taxes to them.


The government is one of the most powerful one out of the external stakeholders because it can lose out a business very easily. Local, national and international governments affect business businesses through laws and regulations which they pass. The national government uses laws to protect employees and customers (e.g. Health and Safety at work act, trade descriptions act) As a stakeholder in the business the government must ensure that employees and customers get all the rights they are entitled to. McDonalds cooperates with the government by ensuring that all the laws are followed and that the employees are trained to follow these laws especially when dealing with food and drink. If the employees did not know how to maintain food properly, the customers can be food poisoned.

As McDonalds is a multi-national organisation the international laws affect the in which they cooperate. Therefore this can affect company performances. The government has a major influence on McDonalds as they can directly affect how each McDonald’s restaurant operates for example the health and safety of employees as well as customers. New laws that the government introduce affect the business: e.g. consumer protection laws etc McDonalds should therefore be careful and abide by the laws given by the government. McDonalds can face serious consequences if they do not follow the rules. The government also influences the business through the taxes that they enforce; McDonalds can loose some of their profits towards this. McDonalds have to follow laws and regulations and pay tax on profits to keep the government satisfied with their expectations and interests.

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