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Ride worker/Ride Operator, this person has a low levelled and low skilled job, they have little pay, and these people tend to have low-level skills, and no GCSE’s, these workers tend to want to work part-time, or seasonal work, these workers have little responsibilities. Ride worker being a seasonal job the job security will be minimum meaning they can get fired easerly. Ride workers have to work with the public, so they may need good communicational skills, in order for the ride in which they are working on to be effective. For this job you will need good communicational skills, they need to shows commitment and flexibility. Ride worker or ride operator must be over the age of 18.

The benefits for a ride worker consist of free tickets for all Merlin attractions, Discounts and special offers with a variety of companies including O2, Sky, and Ticketmaster, and they will receive a pension scheme and life insurance. Assistant Area Manager (for rides): this job offers the chance to have more power than a ride worker; ride managers have authority over ride workers. In this job you will have to search for the highest standards as far as customer service and safety of customers and all rides and attractions. You will also be advised to motivate the team through daily briefings, personal coaching, are regular performance reviews. In this job you’ll keep a close eye on ride efficiency and continually seek to improve the customer offering on day-to-day basis.

With this job you will be expected to put ideas forward to improve customer service, and try to lower all business costs. As an assistant manager for rides, you will be expected to run a team through ride operations, (experience of running a rollercoaster). In this job you will receive training in health and safety, and the health and safety regulations of the park. You will be involved in all activity at Alton Towers, and you will need to be the person who works well under pressure. In ordered to get through everyday you will need manpower and rota management, for the job in hand. In order to improve efficiency you will need to be energetic and very motivational to bring out the best in your team.

They also get many benefits such as: free entry to all Merlin attractions including Alton Towers Resort, Legoland, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Warwick Castle, Madame Tussauds and Sea Life worth over 1,000 a year. They will get paid around 17,500 pound per year. Customer Service – Sales and Information Team Leader: The customer service sales and information team leader has many key responsibilities such as: leading a highly motivated team that is recruited to drive sales, of various ticket upgrades: Fastrack tickets, Towers 2 tickets, Annual Passes, Extraordinary Golf and many more!

(Tasks activities) Being a sales and information team leader you are expected, to make sure guests have a great experience by providing a helping hand around the resort, giving directions, solving issues and capturing guest feedback using handheld devices. (Requirements) Previous experience of leading a team would be beneficial in this role, you will need to understand how to motivate and gain respect from your team members and drive them to hit tough sales targets.

You will be expected to work closely with a Sales and Information Executive to manage all aspects of day to day leadership from leading briefings, organising rota’s, monitoring performance etc. need the right attitude, great communication skills, and confidence to approach our guests and put a smile on their faces throughout their day! You will need to be target driven and have a real passion for sales and guest service. You may have sales experience, but full training will also be provided. Also commitment and flexibility may be required, Alton Towers will provide everything they need, from full training and full uniform.

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