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There are many employability skills that are considered when applying for a department Manager for Asda. A job will require a person performing a range of skills. The job vacancy of working in Asda as a department manager requires many skills from the applicant/ future employee. The employability skills are essential to be able to work effectively in a modern workplace. Personal skills and communicational skills are transferable employability skills.

Employability skills

Asda, when employing an employee will look at the qualifications that the employee is able to offer. Jobs that have a higher profession such as human resources, the business will look for candidates with problem solving and critical skills and will require candidates with at least A level or even a degree qualifications. The qualifications that will be required will demonstrate whether a person is able to cope with the demands of such work. Asda however, for the required job will look at basic qualifications. The qualifications that the business will look for are promising A levels and may be a degree. The business allows employees to work up to a position such as the role of a manager if they employee has no degree but has the A level qualifications to meet the criteria of the job specifications. It is vital that the applicant has a GCSE in maths and English at a grace C level of the minimum.

Reading into an employee’s qualifications is a requirement for Asda alongside other business as it allows the business to see whether or not the applicant is able to perform their duties well. The business will be able to recognise this with the qualifications that the applicant provides. Qualifications also show the degree of education the applicant has and how far they intend to stay in education. This is important for Asda as it provides an insight on the applicant on how committed they are.

An area which Asda take into account is the experience that the candidate has. If the candidate has had experience in the past, it will be likely that the candidate will be able to perform the duties well as they have the experience from previous jobs especially that of the same industry. The experience the candidate has benefits the business as it reduces the costs for the business as training for the applicant is reduced. Asda also require applicants to have a good past experience as it will benefit them in the job overall. Having a good past experience reduces role ambiguity. Most people in jobs have the lack of definition of their job. This prevents a person from working to their best of their ability.

Having the experience in effect reduces this which is why Asda require this from applicants. It is also vital that the applicant has good knowledge of the products and how they should provide a good service to the public. To ensure that the employee can meet these terms of job, Asda holds an activity during the recruitment process where applicants are expected to sell a product, having good knowledge of it and providing good customer services.

Personal skills

As any other business Asda will expect any applicant to have good personal skills so that they are able to perform their job duties well and improve the performance of the business as a whole. The personal skills that are required from the applicant when completing the job application are:

The personal skills listed above are of great importance to the business organisation for many reasons. It is important that the applicant has these personal skills so that they can perform their duties well. Having patience is an important element of the job. The job role of being a full time manager will require a large amount of pressure alongside stress. It is important that the applicant is always patient with the employees alongside any customers that they come into contact with. Not having the patience may cause disputes within the business environment, which will then create further more issues to arise. It is essential for this reason that the applicant has the patience so that they a friendly environment is present.

Punctuality and high attendance is also an essential skill. The reason for this is because no employees whether of high profession or of low can attend work with a low attendance and still benefit the business. In order for the business to achieve the full success, the applicant must be attending their job and attending on time to ensure that all work is complete.

Interpersonal skills are those skills that enable us to get on with other people, promote positive relationships in the workplace and so enable the job to be done or more efficiently. In order for the manager to be able to communicate well with the employees they must be able to have good interpersonal skills. This is important and a required skill as it will allow the applicant to encourage other employees to commit themselves to their working environment. Having good interpersonal skills also allows the manager to have good relationships with those working in the business resulting to a good business outcome. Interpersonal skills that are required are.

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