Jeremy Lin out for the season with knee surgery

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Jeremy Lin soared up into the limelight in a sudden explosion of Linsanity with his prowess for the New York Knicks, going from pure obscurity to nothing short of global sensation.

But the speed at which he skyrocketed into fame took an unexpected turn this year. Lin has been diagnosed with a small but chronic meniscal tear on the left knee, and this week, is scheduled for arthroscopic surgery. Given how it will call for a rehabilitation time of six weeks, it will be unlikely that he can play again for the remaining one month of the regular season.

Prior to a 91-75 win in a game versus the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lin commented that he could not do much running or jumping. He admitted that it was clear he could not do much for the team if he did not get the problem fixed.

“It’s hard to watch the games,” he said, admitting that it was disappointing. He added that he wanted to be out there more than anything, helping the team.

Lin has not been able to pinpoint how or when he sustained the injury, but he last played in a game on March 24 versus Detroit. In the middle of the game, he left for the locker rooms, where he was examined, and then came back to the bench. After the game, he insisted that he would have joined the game again. On Saturday morning, he tested the knee another time, but when the knee did not respond, he finally decided to go for surgery, unable to put it off any longer.

Apparently, he had hoped to be able to play through the injury, and even now, he is hopeful at beating the clock and getting back for the postseason.

Lin said he tended to recover fast, although he had never undergone surgery before. He expressed hope for coming back as soon as he could and still give something this season.

Mike Woodson, Knicks coach, said, they had to go on, describing Lin as a big piece of their puzzle as far as what the team had accomplished in recent months. “It is a big blow,” he said.

Lin had been the Knicks’ waiver pickup after having been released by the Rockets and the Warriors. He showed up in only nine games, with a total of only about 50 minutes of actual play, before he was called off the bench during the February 4 game against the Nets and never got to leave again. In the next game, he was a starter, and in less than one week after his rise to fame, was outperforming Kobe Bryant with an unlikely 38-point effort in a victory over the Lakers. Even in an All-Star Weekend, he was more in the limelight than old time greats Bryant, Kevin Durant, or LeBron James.

From there, Lin managed to settle into a sense of normalcy as a reliable starting point guard, with an average of 14.6 points and 6.1 assists during the season, making for the amazing drama of an Asian-American player in the NBA, who also happens to be the first player from Harvard in the fifty years.

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