‘James Bond’

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Throughout the years the creators of James Bond have used and combined the same techniques to catch the viewers attention. Today I am going to compare a few of these pre- credit sequences these are Goldfinger {1964}, The Spy Who Loved Me {1977} and the most recent out of the three Tomorrow Never Dies {1997}. In Goldfinger ,Sean Connery is James Bond and puts a heroin dealer out business by blowing it up ,then goes to finish off his ‘unfinished business’ by which Bond means a female dancer who then betrays Bond.

The technology for Goldfinger-seens as it was made in 1964 is quite good. When Bond gets out his plastic explosives , and his big timer it makes you wonder because compared to today everything then was so big. But i think the whole explosion is simple and effective, but also the creators had a limited money so I think they did well with the money they had. When Bond enters the heroin plant ,he enters through an electric turning door which I think is very modern for the year it was made.

The Spy Who Loved Me is a much more expensive film, compared to Goldfinger. You can tell by the aerial shots and different angles of the camera. Thier are a few more major tunts aswell – for example when Bond {Roger Moore} flies off a cliff on skis ,just before you think he’ll die he pulls out a parachute! By this film the role of agent xxx was played by a women sent by Moscow {Russia} to find out what happened to the Russian nuclear submarine. The film Tommorow Never Dies, Bond {Pierce Brosnan} is at the Russian border at an illegal terrorist arms market.

Bond goes in, to get the nuclear bombs and flies off then there is the cliffhanger part were you think he’s about to die. But again he survives. The technology for this film is ven better because the gadgets are getting much smaller. For example there is a huge explosion made by a bomb about the size of an eraser The scene altogether looks a lot more expensive due to locational shooting in russia and in England. There are also loads of extras compared to Goldfinger which tells us it’s even more expensive.

Also Bond use to be a smoker {in Goldfinger} but in this film Bond tells a man it’s a “filthy habit”. I think the directors/script writers have changed Bond from a smoker to a non-smoker, because of social changes ,for example 40 years ago a lot more people moked but now alot more people are against it. The Role of Bond throughout all three films shows us he is in control, sophisticated and always has time to crack that joke e. g “shocking, positivly shocking”- {goldfinger} or “backseat driver”- {Tommorow Never Dies}.

Bond always has that cool, but dry sense of humour. When he gets orders he never takes them and somehow Bond still lives. To me hes sort of like superman because he deals with things lesser mortals can’t. In Tommorow Never Dies Bond’s code name is ‘White Knight’ which maybe describes him as good and pure. The representation of women has changed alot through 3 films because in Goldfinger The female dancer was only their to be looked at by men ,and Bond only wanted her for sex.

You can tell this by when James walks into the room and shes in the bath. He throws the women a towel and she jumps out – here is an example of showing how he is in control and how the representation of women in Goldfinger was only for the ‘male gaze’. In The Spy Who Loved Me the way women were not as negativly portrayed because agent xxx was a women. But still i don’t think there is any need or silhouettes of naked women to be dancing around in the title credits- I think again this is only for the men’s eyes.

The role of woman in Tommorow Never Dies is Great Instead of a man as M its a women {Judi Dench}. Women before in the other 2 films have been beautiful and ‘leggy’ but now M takes over. She is 007’s boss. When M doesn’t agree with the admiral { a man } he over-rules her but when the admiral gets it wrong M takes over and he listens to her which means Women are alot more respected and have alot more power. Also the title in this again is only there to titillate which I think is gratuitously.

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