It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Family Members

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What do people need to follow to have a succesfull Christmas? It is very traditional in almost all the families to celebrate Christmas because it is the ideal season to have an unforgettable moments with our siblings .However ,Christmas is the ideal season to have a family reunion.The purpose of this essay is to show how people can have a succesfull Christmas following these steps: invite family ,prepare holiday recipes and make the perfect environment.

First of all you need to call or family use a social network consequently you need to invite them and tell them that you will have a dinner for Christmas.As a result they will give the same message to other family members.

The second step to follow is the holiday recipes,for example recipes to get ready for that occasion.For that occasion.For instance in my family my mother always make her three delicious recipes such as bacalao with mole and verdolagas .Christmas salas mae with apple almonds pineapple,celery and sour cream,and the best turkey that i have ever taste!

Last of all and i think the easiest thing to do is create the ideal environment.I think this is the easiest step because when you have your family members their conversations is very interesting.Because you cannot talk with them every day , as a result when you see them you feel very happy to be with them.For example, I have four brothers that do not live here in El Paso.Two of my brothers live in Mexico City and my other brothers lives inSan Diego .So when it is Christmas we intend to reunite the most family we can.Now you can image overjoyed we are.

Indeed now you know how to prepare a family tradition like Christmas following these steps.Invite all posible family members ,get the family recipes ready and create the perfect environment with all of your dear family members .In my experience this is the most wonderful time of the year for me and hoefully if you follow these steps your holiday is going to be great.

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