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An analysis of three magazine advertisements for various cosmetics items and products. I have chosen to analyse three magazine advertisements that all have a specific link. The link is that they are all advertising a type of cosmetic product or range. The three advertisements offer products of different prices and they each have different target audiences to which they appeal to. The first advertisement is an advert for a Rimmel waterproof mascara and it was in Elle Girl magazine, which is aimed at young teenagers. The second advertisement is for the Boots Botanics range and I found it in You magazine’s beauty supplement. The third advertisement is for the luxurious brand, Chanel. This was found in Health ; Beauty magazine from Boots.

An analysis of a magazine advertisement for Rimmel cosmetics. The product was advertised in Elle Girl magazine in November 2001. I have analysed a Rimmel advertisement for a 100% waterproof mascara. It appeared in a magazine called Elle Girl, which is aimed at young teenage girls. The advertisement shows a large hand-written letter on a piece of blue crumpled paper and at the bottom of the page there is a picture of the product. It is quite a large image of the product and it is a vibrant blue colour to attract your attention. The Rimmel logo is located just below the product to make people aware of who has manufactured the item. The photographic coding for this advertisement is key lit as the shadows from the product have been removed and they have made the colour appear very bright.

The letter that is on the advertisement is the major focus of it. The letter is a letter from a boy to his girlfriend saying that he thinks that they should break up. It says how he thinks that he needs to find himself and typical things such as “it’s not you, it’s me” which many young women have probably heard before and can relate to. When you read this letter you can build up an image of the girl becoming very upset and starting to cry. At the end of the letter is where the product is shown. There is a small piece of dialogue to the right-hand side of the product that says “Have a good cry”. They are trying to say that if you wear this mascara you can cry and nobody will notice as the mascara will not run.

The target audience for this advertisement is teenagers and young women as Rimmel is seen as quite an inexpensive range that provides high quality goods. Make-up starts to become a part of a woman’s life in their teens and this is the age group that Rimmel has targeted. The language that they have used in the advertisement is not scientific and formal, but direct so that the target audience can relate to it better and not be bombarded with information that they are not really interested in reading.

There is a relationship between the product and the background and colours. The product is shown as being waterproof and the background symbolises water. The colour of the paper is blue and the way that the paper has been crumpled gives the impression that the paper is rippling water. This is a clever way of using symbolic significance and gives the letter in the advertisement two different aspects of meaning. The colours that have been used are blue and white for the majority and black for the typography. The use of blue relates to the mascara being waterproof and the colour blue has created a water-like atmosphere. The use of black, bold letters for the typography transforms the wording into more of a statement. I also noticed that all of the dialogue at the bottom of the page, near the product, is written in upper case letters and this also makes it more direct.

The advertisement uses persuasive techniques to appeal to the target audience, for example by saying that it is all right to have a good cry. They have also given promises of pleasure by saying the good thing that could result from using this product is that you will soon forget about the boyfriend. The illusion that your lifestyle will be better has also been given. This advertisement appeared in a magazine for young teenagers and was found near the beginning, close to a beauty product feature. It was placed where it was so that people would see it after reading about beauty and make-up and would want to read on to see what it was offering. It was also placed where it was for a physcological purpose as it plays on your conscience and wants you to buy the product after reading about various types of products.

I think that the advertisement is successful and has met it’s aims to get people to acknowledge what it is trying to sell. It caught my eye and I wanted to read on to find out what the letter was about. In some adverts a lot of wording puts people off of reading on, but this method works very well. I also think that having the text in the form of a hand-written letter appeals to a younger audience. I think that the advertisement should maybe contain some brighter colours to make it more eye-catching and they should also include their website address, so that people can find out more about their products. An analysis of a magazine advert for Botanics cosmetics from Boots. The advert appeared in The Daily Mail You magazine on 7 October 2001.

I have analysed a Boots Botanics advert and I have written about the products that appear on the advert. The layout of the advert is quite clear and has a large image of a Botanics mascara brush. At the bottom of the page there are several of the company’s other luxurious products. At the side of the page, on the right, there is a description of what their products can do for you and persuasive language to lure you in. They have also added the Boots logo at the bottom of the page to let you know that Botanics is a range from Boots. They have included the address for their website as well to encourage people to look wider for products and to give information about the range. The photographic coding for this advert is key lit as it is positioned to the side of the camera and it means that they appear bright with very little shadow.

The target audience for this advert is women and nearly all women would find this advert appealing as make-up is a part of almost every woman’s daily routine. They have added an element for people who are interested in organic products and are against animal testing. The word botanic means the study or use of plants. The advert has not used any models or celebrities to promote the product to keep the advert natural and uncluttered. I think that this is a very good idea as it makes you focus on the main product and does not divert your attention.

They have used symbolic significance for the main object of the advert, the mascara brush. Instead of using a regular brush they have symbolised it by using a picture of a fern tree. This interpretation of the product relates to the main selling point of how natural it is and I think it is a very clever marketing plan. I think this because many people would see the unusual picture and then they would want to read on to discover more about it.

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