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The problem that I intend to renovate is the inconvenience of the stock check by automating the current system, which is manual and can lead to human error and will limit the time required to fulfil the needed specifications. The current system is manual work and not very accurate, it can cause mistakes and more likely to make errors as stock check is done by hand. It is difficult to find out if an item is in stock. Invoices have to be calculated manually leading to the possibility of mistakes being made.

My new computerized system will monitor stock and once it has gone below an assured level then it will automatically re-order stock without the need for human supervision on the stock. My new system will also be able to store vast amounts of information and will allow users to print out appropriate references and other source of valid information. It will be a menu driven program for employees and general use. Requirements of new system is a database storage check which will in turn show

the stock available in the shop and will steadily decrease after a period of time and then re-order after a certain level of availability. Also require a processor, which has the ability to run Microsoft Access to store database knowledge of the stock. It will have minimal supervision required which saves time over the other system which requires all the checks done by hand so this system will limit the need for human management. The user needs to have basic knowledge of using Microsoft Access and basic

knowledge or running a computer. I will include a general instruction manual to allow the users to link their knowledge; it will be basic and not too advanced. The security and data protection will have a password protection system that only the employees working at the shop can obtain. The input of the system will be the stock previously ordered, this would be stored data. With the process calculating the stock and the output will be the available stock left in the shop.

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