IT developments

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How the current initial communication systems could make use of IT developments? The initial communication systems could be modified to provide more efficient communication within the company. Word process document, would help the readers to read it, also it gives a professional image, and as it is on the computer it can be distributed through email as attachment. The benefits of setting up centralised document storage via server is the security measures to protect data, this can be done by having different access measures so certain staff cannot access some documents; also it is a simple way to back up and quicker up.

Cooperation Butterfly would benefit significantly from intranet. The intranet can also be used to help communication within the company. Cooperation butterfly can post notes from the meeting this can be done by uploading the minutes. If one manager is unable to attend they can pick up the minutes. This would allow the computers that don’t have internet access, to access the internet. Allow the computers to work with the server that would distribute mail, notes and important dates to employees within the company.

Increased power allows the company to run more and sophisticated programs, Process data faster – allowing the company to gaining client’s details and resolve issues quicker. Increased sophistication allows the company to have an over view on market and sales figures. Support software will allow the company to get back up and running, solve necessary problems How might these developments affect the organisation? These developments affect the organisation by the internet and intranet can have a fault and go down, staff would need training

Increased sophistication could lead to frustration for employees this can be due to confusion. Training would need to provide for employees so that they can have the proper training in order to use the software. The company will need to employee specialist people on hand to install and to assist with technical problems. Support software could be difficult to use there fore can be time consuming as could need constant training.

These developments would enable the company to reduce paper wastage, and ink/printer costs. Intranet message board could replace management briefings and announcements that previously used notice board; this will solve a few problems as people would not need to stand in the corridor. Centralised document storage via server would enable all staff to access the latest version of any company document. Replacing the analogue switch board with a modern digital design would allow flexible working from any extn.

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