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Overall, the material read also gave me an idea of the problems, pressures and dynamics of running a limousine business. Understanding the structure of the company and the chain of command helped me in my interpersonal relationships on the job. It gave me some amount of understanding of the hierarchy, ranking and responsibilities connected with each job and the dynamics of interaction between persons of different job titles (such as between workers and their supervisors). I could have profited from some more information, however.

The company is a small one and often one person fills more than one role. It was often the case, as well, that roles sometimes overlapped. I, in fact, often worked in different departments (marketing and customer service) and there were often no very clear-cut lines of demarcation. Therefore, my position within the organization became clearer not just after reading these books but just by the experience I gained in the company throughout the weeks. The major problem that might be considered a result of training was that parts of the job were perceived to be of a very elementary nature.

As an information technology intern, the updating of the information contained in their database was very simple, tedious, and a little boring. It required very little of my knowledge of information technology. However, though it was simple, I found it necessary at first to expend effort to memorize the protocol for entering information. The system was sometimes very particular about the way in which information was entered; therefore, in order to save time and effort, I needed to note the order in which each step was to be done.

My training in programming helped a little here, as it was necessary to pay very close attention to syntax as when carrying out programming tasks. Although much of the job was information-technology oriented, my expectations were a bit too high, in that I had expected that all my time would have been dedicated to doing the technical things I had been trained for. I realized that much of it was spent also doing data entry. People often equated this with IT, though it is only minimally connected with it. Job analysis would have been a very useful tool employed by the administrators of this company.

Job analysis would have more efficiently allocated staff to do the jobs that they are best suited to and trained for, so that a person with high technical expertise would not waste his or her talent and training doing something that does not tap their potential. As briefly mentioned above, another very important part of working in the job world depends on the individual’s interpersonal skills. This AU has done well at preparing me for, because of the many opportunities to work in groups within and beyond the IT department.

The ability to use programs such as Macromedia Dreamweaver allowed me to function very efficiently within the organization. It made editing the webpage very simple. The classes on programming also helped, especially while working with such programs as Microsoft Access. The closeness with which I, as a student, have been able to work with professors and tutors at AU has also given me some experience in what students (or proteges) when one passes on information. Whenever I have had to be trainer in any situation, that relationship model has helped me be a better instructor.

Some of the challenges encountered during the internship were technical and had much to do with the version of Macromedia Dreamweaver being used (7. 0. 1). On more than one occasion the program crashed during the opening of a file. It was also very slow. After doing some online research, I found that others had been having the same problem with that particular version. Therefore, I suggested that the software be updated to the latest version, and once that was done we stopped having that problem.

Had I been a manager of this organization or in charge of the internship program, I would have conducted a more thorough analysis of the positions available and the expertise of the intern expected to fill that position. Such job analysis would help to maximize the profitability of the internship for both the company and the intern. The major challenge I faced as an intern was the amount of time spent entering data into the database rather than doing truly technical work.

The work with the website and creating the advertising campaign was much closer to my area of knowledge and expertise, yet I was sometimes unable to spend enough time on it. As a manager, I would remove data entry from the job description of the information-technology intern and somehow redistribute the workload so that the intern would have more time working on the things for which he or she is qualified—things that do need to be done anyway.


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