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IT is used by finance to record all financial transactions, pay suppliers electronically or by EDI, produce all Richer Sounds financial documents like invoices, credit notes and statements. it also used to check if all deliveries has been made on time and if payments of supplier are made. It record and check the supplier terms for payment terms for payment and discounts on the supplier database. It also used to check sales in store, produce financial reports, allows preparing the payroll and communication with other departments. Marketing:

This department carries extensive research on a particular market to finds out exactly what customers want. The marketing director of Richer Sounds, Claudia Vernon is the incharge of all the activities takes place in this department. And its main activities are marketing, design and POS (point of sale). This department has responsibility for convincing customers to buy the company’s products and services by advertising in special magazines or in national press. The original point of sale material such as signs, price tickets and leaflets are created by the designer. The Richer Sounds website is the responsibility of Marketing.

This covers every area of the website such as the design, checking the navigation and the content, sending out an e-mail newsletter to customers, analysing the use of the site. In marketing they also use IT skills to post marketing leaflets on our internet, to design our in-store newsletters and advertisements and to produce a wide range of documents, to contact colleagues quickly by email, to send both text and graphic attachments. Administration Administration is a support function required by all business and this does not mean the just doing keyboarding and filling.

Senior administrations carry out a wide range tasks from monitoring budget to interviewing new staff for their department. Although, Richer Sounds, like all organisations needs administrative support. Customer Service: Customer service is very important because it built reputation on offering value for money products and superb customer service. This will help the customer before and after a sale has been made by providing information, giving advice, credit facilities, delivering goods etc. This isn’t very easy, simply because everyone at Richer Sounds is involved in customer service at every level.

The Director in charge of the customer service department is John Clayton. Customer service support colleagues and the call centre both report to John, who is also responsible for our Store Operations. Lindon Bolt is a Service Manager. He is in charge of Richer Sounds’ service and repairs department. Lindon and his engineers are very important as they enable us to offer excellent after-sales service to all customers. HiFi Direct department is headed by Ricky Faust who is also involved in providing excellent customer service, this time to our HiFi direct customers and anyone placing an order by mail order or over the Internet.

All support colleagues are trained to provide excellent customer service to both to external and internal customers. That’s how the customer service department works in Richer Sound. By doing all same aspect with Richer sound which I have done in Betta Value to compare them I have found that that both organisation operates different from each other as they have different levels but rules and regulation to work in organisation carries the same responsibilities. Functional areas are similar.

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