Is Your Golf Swing Too Long?

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Are you a beginner in the world of golf? If you are inexperienced then you might be facing a major problem while playing golf that is you use to take long back swing. Am I right? If yes then have you ever tried to know the reason behind your long back swing? The answer is simple it’s “Human Nature”, as according to human nature as longer you take your swing you can hit the ball more farther. But this concept is not true, because the golfer those who are experienced they can hit the ball three hundred yards with just ? swing, but if you want to hit the ball 400 yards with long swing then its not possible for anyone not even for the experienced golfer.

Nowadays there are many options where you can treat your long back swing; one of the best options is internet. The tips and lessons that are given on internet vary their lengths of back swings. There are many players who like to have short swing like Jeff Sluman and on the other hand player like John Daly who likes have long swing. However, their swing looks dissimilar but there are still some similarities between the back swings they perform. Let us come across with some golf instruction to shorten backswing.

Firstly, you have to move your wrists properly, so that the angle between your left arm and golf club should be 90 degrees. Most of the golfers lock up their wrists as they try to hit the ball harder. In tendency to hit the ball harder they not only lock up their wrists but they carry the risk of injury to their left elbow. So it is recommended that you should keep your wrist loose during your golf swing. If you do so then with the help of this looser wrist you will get immense potential without taking the club back far.

Second golf instruction is that you should rotate your shoulder properly while performing your swing. Both the long back swing and short back swing are related to the amount of rotation of your shoulder you offer while your swing. If you are thinking for long swing then you have to rotate your shoulder up to 90 degree. So if you want to have long swing then it is recommended that you should rotate your shoulder 90 degrees. Most of the golfer feels tight to rotate their shoulder back, but if you feel tight to turn back then it’s not a bad idea, as this tells you about the torque that are generated in your golf swing. While performing your swings, just imagine that your body is a huge spring, as whenever you wind up a huge spring, it gets tight. For more golf lessons you can also visit the internet, where you will get many instructions regarding golf. The best way to be a better golfer is to hire a professional who can teach you and make you a perfect golfer.

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