Is There a Scope For a New Business In the Local Area?

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The title I chose is ‘ IS THERE A SCOPE FOR A NEW BUSINESS IN THE LOCAL AREA? ‘ the reason I chose this title is because I believe that there is a scope for a new specific car garage within my area. What I plan to do is open a garage, which specifically deals with Italian cars. What I have noticed within my area that there are many garages but most do not deal with Italian cars/parts.

What I propose to do to do is set up this garage which will be beneficial to the local community as there are many Italian cars around in my area where this will save time for customers who look to order parts from other garages which can take a lot of time to arrive and cost a lot of money. The location of my garage will be situated on a main road. This will be one pro to my business as drivers go past can notice that there is a garage for Italian cars. Besides just selling Italian car parts and fixing cars, I hope to specialise in fixing other cars from countries like Japan, France and Germany.

I also propose to sell tyres of all kinds. Below are pictures of where my business is gong to be: The Italian Car Repair Centre (ICRC) is the centre for all Italian cars. We here at ICRC aim to supply the complete and comprehensive parts at very competitive prices to the General public, with a prompt same day delivery service to our customers. We want our customers and the public to be provided with service of quality and reliability. ICRC is located near a busy road so lots of drivers can see the business as they are passing.

ICRC has an entrance and exit with a space at the front so the consumer cars can enter. There is also a space located at the back of the business for the cars that have to be repaired. Located next to the business there is a space provided for more cars to be parked and there is also a back exit for the drivers to exit with their repaired vehicle. I have produced a questionnaire for me to review the perspective of the public. The main reason for doing this questionnaire is to help me in finding the views of the public towards the new business I am setting up.

The questionnaire was randomly asked to ten people. The point of the first four questions was to find out the back – round information of the person answering the questionnaire. There was no specific use for these four questions for helping me finding the relevant views of the public towards my business. The last two questions helped me find the views of the public towards my business. Five females and five males were willing to answer my questions. There were four people aged between 18 – 25 years, another four aged between 26 – 35 and two aged and two aged 35 + who had answered my questions.

The majority of the public thought that there was a need for an Italian car repair centre in Slough which will be a positive point in my conclusion. The people who said there is no need to set up a business in the Slough area said that because they think that there are enough repair centres in Slough and they say all of them are too expensive. They also said that they ‘rip you off’ because you have to pay a lot of money and they do not even do a good job.

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