Is My Product and Business Legal?

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My business will run and operate In the Liscard shopping area. My store will sell Compact Disks, Taped Cassettes, Vinyl Records, and products associated with these. These do not require any special care and are not damaging to anyone’s health. My workplace will consist of a very safe environment. Doors will have anti-jamming mechanisms to prevent people trapping their fingers in the door. The floor will be clean and maintained quality carpet. The CD isles will be coated in rubber on the corners to prevent sharp edges. Staff will be protected at all times by a security staff member on hand at all times.

There will be no discrimination against disables workers at the business. Wheel chair access will not be a problem and low-cut counters will provide access for the disabled in wheelchairs. Other jobs will be specially made for them such as working upstairs on the phone and working on hand to the manager. Any race is welcome to join our business provided they can keep to the times of work set before them, if this Is not possible then times will have to be arranged. Anyone of race will not be discriminated against in any way.

The unique selling point of my store is its ability to purchase CD’s off the Internet and gets them to the consumer. We also offer a wide selection of CD’s in store at all times. We hope to stock over 1200 CD’s at any given time. We will specialise in getting rare and not normally available music to customers. I think this will be highly popular with young and older generations. We have contacts such as www. 101cd. com in which to buy these rare CD’s. If we cannot find what you are looking for (subject to availability and choice of CD) we will offer a free CD.

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