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The way the public communicates has changed throughout the years. From letters to e-mails, from a call to a text, technology is forever changing. As new developments are introduced from big companies such as Apple and Microsoft, we continue to ask ourselves “What will they think of next?” However, there is no doubt that cell phones are king when it comes to new technology. Our contacts, our call history, our pictures and videos, and now our music can be stored in these gadgets. In is clear to see how far these portable digital communication devices have come.

Many people today consider their cell phones a photo lab, a computer, a radio, an mp3 player, a map, and a planner. These devices are a must have in today’s world. According to a recent poll, Americans were asked “If you were stranded on a desert island and could have one thing with you, what would it be?” The choices: “Matches/Lighter,” “Food/Water,” “Another Person,” “Wireless Phone” (Rosen, 2004).

Without a cell phone, how would you inform someone quickly of an emergency? And with the internet and GPS installed in these handsets, how could you find your way around a city without purchasing a map? Or find the cheapest gas in town? The iPhone represents a perfect example of how technology is making its mark on consumer behavior. With over 50,000 applications, the world is at the palm of consumer’s hands. “The iPhone represents an important milestone in the evolution of consumer attitudes and behavior towards advanced wireless devices and services,” said Adam Guy, Competes’ general manager of telecommunications and media. “As the mass market continues to adopt increasingly advanced technologies, players throughout the wireless value chain will find new opportunities to offer dynamic and flexible products.”

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The Apple iPhone is creating a trend in the marketplace that many phone companies are trying to follow. Apple incorporates quality in everything they, which is paramount to securing and building relationships with consumers, even through rough times. By Apple researching their competition, understanding markets, and shaping their unique positioning, they are in a much better position than their competitors to promote and sell the iPhone. Apple methodically researches consumer needs and behaviors, and evaluates the status of their campaigns against set objectives to make sure that ongoing improvements are being made to the company’s marketing initiatives, which determines Apple iPhone’s future planning.

Apple consumer behavior strategy was established by developing a niche market. The computer buyer changed dramatically from the 1980’s to the new millennium and the computer has changed from being a productivity device to a communication hub (Apple, 2009) . The desirability of Apple products, to the consumer, is that they offer ease of use with a simple user-friendly graphical interface and uncomplicated peripherals. Consumer loyalty to the Apple brand has created a common culture swaying consumer behavior

The iPhone is positioned as a professional and hip technological gadget. Apple has created a strong position that has the majority of cell phone consumers wanting the iPhone, by using product differentiation. According to iPhone (2009) the iPhone is situated as a, “versatile, convenient, value-added device for personal and professional use.” Apple (2009) confirmed that Apples marketing strategy focuses on the, “convenience of having one device serves multiple functions”. The iPhone is not just an ordinary cell because it combines three devices in one such as a widescreen iPod, Internet device and an innovative mobile phone to satisfy the customer needs. The iPhone is positioned for marketing based on communication, music, pictures, video, and full Internet access.

The applications that Apple has to offer are setting new standards in phone technology. The iPhone assists consumers in managing money, shopping, and searching for things to do. According to Apple (2009), consumers have reported that “iPhone gets even better with every new app.” iPhone customers can multitask by talking on the phone while emailing a picture or surfing the web over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Consumer needs are constantly being met, with the iPhone, which can deliver rich HTML email, retrieve maps with GPS, and use fast 3G and Wi-Fi wireless connections. iPhone customers are capable of accessing the internet at the anytime, anywhere, and are allowed to do it better than any other brand can offer.

Company’s today are making sure that their company’s website is iPhone compatible by developing web applications exclusively for iPhone browsers. News, weather, education, finance, business tools, lifestyle, travel, games, sport, business tools, weather, and so forth, are different categories by which companies can present applications. Consumers benefit in countless ways, by having unlimited information available with the touch or slide of a finger. The iPhone presents a perfect example of technology making its mark on consumer behavior.

Many of Apples iPhone competitors are developing phones that are Wi-Fi capable and use similar touch screen technology. These phones are using all the technology consumers want in one small device. The trends that Apple has started with the iPhone, such as internet and GPS are now going to be offered in a wide variety of name brands, in response to Apple’s trendsetting iPhone.

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