Investing in Dubai

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The objective of the study is to determine what consequences will arise from investing in Dubai. It can be noted that Dubai has surfaced to become a lucrative place for investment especially in the real estate industry, but there are also serious concerns that has to be realized when considering investment ventures. The complexity of the financial structure of investment in oblique real estate investments provide an abundant range for investors to fail to understand the risk implicated, price references are not always healthy and lack of liquidity and transaction costs can be high.

The severity in risk of loss in property investment depends on the principal investment style undertaken by the investor; this might be real property, property company shares, spread of investment in the fund and the stage of gearing involved within the investment. Aim of the Study Dubai is considered as a good place for investment and as such it is the aim of this paper to provide a comprehensive study detailing Dubai’s assets as a good investment site with an emphasis on the real estate industry.

1. To develop a practical guide for the investor to invest in the property sector. 2. To identify the risk and return in lending money. 3. Risk and return consideration (Unsystematic risk, Systematic risk, Risk tolerance, Diversification) into the investment. Significance of the Study This study determines the pros and cons of investing in Dubai, the concept of risk from a financial standpoint.

The risk preferences or risk profit for typical investors. Concept of the market portfolio and market risk. Awareness of property Law. Report stimulus The successes and failures of attracting foreign investment. Theoretical framework for lending money. Attempt to understand the impact of development and financial policies during the different phases on the market structure and competition.

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