Investigation started on Zdeno Chara

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Max Pacioretty of the Canadiens suffered a severe concussion and a cracked vertebra when Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins hit him on the ice Tuesday night, slamming him into a glass partition.

Montreal police have started a criminal investigation into the act, following the request of Louis Dionne, director of criminal and penal prosecutions in Quebec. The police explained that once evidence was collected, they will determine if there can be grounds for prosecution.

Meanwhile, the National Hockey League ruling leaned towards separating the act from the result, which was, unfortunately, extremely sad and pitiful.

Meanwhile, Chara still joined in the Bruin’s morning skate prior to Thursday night’s game versus the Buffalo Sabres. He acknowledged the investigation but did not talk more about it.

“Right now, I’m focusing on playing my game,” he said.

On Wednesday, the NHL announced that Chara would not be suspended.

Following a congressional panel discussion focused on encouraging the youth to play hockey, Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner, defended the decision.

The Canadian Press reports him as saying that the hockey operations staff was amenable with the decision.

He described it as a “horrific injury” that they were sorry for, but he pointed out that imposing supplemental discipline would not do anything to change what happened.

He also added that there was no need to do extreme legislations on hits to the head.

Geoff Molson, owner of the Canadiens, expressed his disapproval of the non-suspension decision in a letter addressed to his team’s fans.

The statement announced that the Montreal Canadiens organization did not agree with the decision made by the NHL.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Stephen Harper expressed his belief that the NHL should look more seriously at the rise in serious injuries, although he made no reference to the specific hit.

Coach Claude Julien of the Bruins decline to comment, because he believed there was always going to be two sides to everything. “It wasn’t intentional,” he said, but conceded that he understood the frustration of the other end because they have also been on the other side.

Chara himself said he understood Pacioretty’s frustration at the decision of NHL. But he disagrees with Pacioretty’s feeling that he deliberately intended to slam his head onto the partition.

“It was just a hockey play that developed,” Chara said.

Of course, there is some history between the two players, although Chara insists that he was not aware it was Pacioretty who was on the play.

The Bruins are currently leading the Northeast Division, but this cloud seems to be hanging over their heads as they struggle to break a two-game losing record.

Julien conceded that it was not an easy situation, especially since there was an actual player who was inured. “We’re talking about individuals,” he said, and added that they did not wish that kind of thing to happen to anybody on the game.

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