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In this unit, I will be investigating two businesses namely, Boots and Pwc and providing information about the Business as a whole. I will provide graphs and other source based information to show the things that are involved with both businesses. Task One 1. 1 Boots is a public limited company which is well known for selling health and beauty products. This Company manufactures and supplies products for health care, dental care, baby care and many other major health accessories. As Boots offers many different services, there are various different departments within its stores.

Take for instance, Boots Retail international; this department takes responsibility for internationalising the Boots retail brand: it consists of 28 stores in total, has employed 871 pharmacists and has an annual turnover of 15. 8 whereas, Boots Opticians who are indeed one of the UK’s largest chains of opticians has 298 stores, 4526 employees and has an annual turnover of 194. It is in general, very inviting and so, gets many customers to visit its stores. Boots in general, employ over 4,000 pharmacists and therefore, sells its products very fast in over 130 countries.

I happened to find this information by looking into the PriceWaterhouseCoppers website: Pwc. co. uk. Boots has been well established and one of the things this company is well known for is its services. Boots focuses on many different areas. Its main areas are listed below: * Boots retail * Boots Retail international * Boots healthcare international * Boots contact manufacturing Boots Retail- This part of the business includes the Boots stores and this section offers products for healthcare, beauty, toiletries, baby, food, photography, opticians and dental care.

As it specifies in these main areas, it can provide its customers with any essentials needed. To sum up what has just been said, I can briefly give clarity to the fact that Boots Retail is part of the larger group and because this department is able to sell many products, it can meet its customers needs quite easily. Boots Retail International- This Company concentrates on supplying Boots’ Foreign Market through implants in larger, established foreign stores. The implants sell around 800 products which is a mix of Boots’ own brand products and additional exclusive products.

Therefore, this section of the business has many benefits as it gives Boots the opportunity to market to an established customer base. Boots Healthcare International- In this department many products are sold such as, medicines and tablets to help customers overcome any illnesses. In this area, staffs are able to focus their attention on both children and adults. Brief examples of the illnesses this section caters for are listed below: Boots contact manufacturing also supplies gifts for occasions like, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings, wedding days, Valentines Day and many more.

Lastly, they also offer a wide range of vitamins Boots is growing excessively in healthcare products through the activities of healthcare international. Apart from healthcare, Boots offer many other products and services such as, beauty, toiletries, baby food, and photography. Not forgetting that it has joined up with Opticians and, that they provide dental care and other exclusive wellbeing services. Overall, boots has two main core businesses which are Boots Healthcare International and Boots The Chemists Ltd.

Boots sells its products to customers who are, people from the general public, wanting to buy anything to do with hair and beauty. Figure 1 Other than this, Boots have been very committed to using all alternatives to create the best products for their customers. They have also resulted in doing market research in order to see whether there is a place in the market for their ideas for a new range. Also, Boots employees offer advice which is known as the expert service. And Boots are also accessible on the internet as they have their own web address, Boots. com.

This website which is commonly visited, allows customers to browse through products in their home at a greater convenience. To add, it is found that because Boots sells their products in over 130 countries they are very well known. This company focuses on core business areas and Boots No. 7 (as illustrated in figure 1) is the largest rental brand in the UK cosmetics market. This company also has a wide range of fragrances and these aren’t just ordinary and cheap fragrances; where talking from Chanel to Prada. Boots is also huge in stocking games and toys for young children.

Some of the brand names include Fisher-price, Tommy, Vetch, Lego and ELC (such as the one illustrated in Figure No 2). And, it is clarified that customers will be saving up to 50% on both girls and boys toys and games. Plus, there are toy clearances and the services in which Boots offer, allow a free delivery when orders are over i?? 40. With this it seems relevant to say that, Boots is a “Childs best friend” and the way in which they provide stock to catch the eye of children as well as adults, is very intriguing.

After all, this company offers many different services. In fact, they are involved in so much that they even provide their customers with entertainment and, therefore, have many customers on their day to day operations. This major company also attracts customers because, over the years it reaches a time where it has a clearance sale so, goods are either cheaper in price or they cost nothing at all; just given freely with other products. So far, this company has given customers major bargains as it does things that keep their customers generally happy.

To explain, it has deals on many products saying thing like, buy one, and get one free or the price of two products is really the price for one. Despite this, the generosity of this major business carries on with expansion. To elaborate, Boots has the most generous health and beauty card in the UK. The card works by helping customers to cover their expenses without spending too much money. Basically when you spend a pound at Boots you are automatically awarded with 4 points and when you earn a certain amount of points you can spend over 55,000 on products in its stores.

Also, Boots provide their customers with many other great offers in the other shops they own. These stores include the following: Entertainment, Boots kitchen appliance, mobile phones, Boots travel shop Boots DVD rental, Bupa Weliness Health checks, Boots Digital Photo centre(powered by Thompson’s), Boots Tens Maternity Rental and Boots Insurance Services. Furthermore, Boots PLC has merged together with Alliance Unichem and has therefore, created a pharmacy-led health and beauty group. This will help Boots to build on their previous strategies; combining the complementary skills and businesses.

It’s also been understood that Boots is the market leader for vitamins and the Boots brand is the biggest in minerals and supplements. Plus, this world leading company is also helpful when it comes to photography as it processes over 550 million photographs a year. It can now be seen that Boots has been a major success in making sure that all of its customers are satisfied in all areas. To summarise what has been said about the different areas in Boots, here are the following facts about each department.

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