Investigating two businesses, Richer Sounds and McDonalds

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In this portfolio I will be investigating on two businesses, these businesses are Richer Sounds and McDonalds. These companies are both Tertiary. McDonalds is a Franchise and Richer Sounds is a Limited Company. The Ownership of Richer Sounds: Richer Sounds originally started off as a sole trader by Julian Richer and became a Limited Company in 1978; Richer Sounds became a Limited Company. It was incorporated on the 29th November. Since 1990 it has been an unlisted public company. Richer Sounds became a limited company to gain benefits of limited liability.

Communications between managers to colleagues may contain information or some instructions, ‘Instructions’ as an example, a fax alert colleagues to a safety issue is likely to be followed by a clear set of instructions about the correct actions to take (e. g. in case of a fire). Informative communications tell the colleagues that how well the business is doing, what their aims and objectives are, how they can make the business even better. Richer Sounds feel that it is important for everyone to understand what is going on and to make them feel more involved in this organisation.

Financial documents, such as the profit statements and the budgets. Every week each store of Richer Sounds receives a feedback on the performance during the past week. This includes outstanding repairs, customer service, and the information on their sales. Each and every Monday morning, the store manager receives a telephone call regarding the figures of the past week. In addition the chairman, Julian Richer phones the best performing stores and regards them a well-done message on the answering machine. The monthly video – prepared by the chairman of Richer Sounds, Julian Richer.

This video is played each and every store on Saturday. On the video it is Julian Richer standing, giving reviews about the previous months and talks on the new developments being made and also giving some important messages. The weekly report – this report is sent by fax to each and every branch and departments, which includes the internal news plus information. However Richer Sounds does not like to use fax for every purpose for example, a department or another brand could get to the fax or interfere with the transfer of the information and send it to themselves and use that information if it can make any help with them.

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