Investigating the current system at a new car company

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I am going to be investigating the current system at a new car company. I will be analysing all problems to find all discrepancies to which I can alter and if needed bring in a new system to fit its job. I can carry out my investigation in various different ways, by carrying out an interview, investigating using an observation, questionnaire, or a discussion. I will be carrying out this investigation to find the needs of my client. I need to know what sort of a system he needs and what I can include in a new system.

I will be analysing the current system to find problems I can change in the new system so I will be able to find the best system for my clients needs. There are so many ways in which I can investigate the current system being used; Interview, questionnaire, group discussion, and an observation. One method of investigating a system is by creating a questionnaire for the current user to find out about how the system works. For example in the questionnaire I could ask how the user is recording all the information and if he feels it is adequate enough.

Using a questionnaire would be useful as it is quick and simple. This method of investigation requires a set of questions which will be answered by the client and sent back to me. This is a good method of investigation as it gives me an insight into what the users think of the current system. The best thing about this method of investigating as it is quick and easy. Investigating using questionnaires are not always effective though.

I may have to limit the number of questions I ask as the client may not be able to give a large amount of time to answer a large number of questions thoroughly. It is also possible for me to have one set of inaccurate answers which mean this type of investigating will not be satisfactory for what I need to do. I have therefore chosen to use a different method of investigation. Another way of investigating a system is interviewing all the clients who use it to find out what they think about it and how they think I needs to be improved and the systems advantages not only disadvantages.

Interviews are a good method of investigating as you can ask the questions in person and get a more reliable answer than on a questionnaire. In an interview, many questions can be asked, some thought before the interview, some questions thought during the interview. Interviewing allows you to investigate the personal experience of someone using the system. You can then ask more questions based on the answer they give, which is not possible in a questionnaire, which leads to a more detailed answer.

A disadvantage of using this method is that it is very time consuming and yet again some answers may be inaccurate like in the questionnaire although it seems to be more effective than the questionnaire. Another method of investigation is taking part in a group discussion. This is where all members of staff sit together with me and we will discuss the current system. I find this very similar to the interview but it is also different in some ways.

As it is in a group more reliable results can be taken but there may be some dishonesty in group answers. I find this a very useful method of investigation but I prefer the interview method. There is one other final method in which I can investigate the current system which has been adopted by the business. I can investigate using an observation. This involves me observing the employees using the system and how efficient it is in use and I can see how it is handled; this would be the main advantage.

There are also some disadvantages; as the workers see me observing thy will try harder not to make any mistakes and this can lead to an unreliable observation. Gathering the information I have put together on the different methods of investigation I have decided that using an interview would be best for me to find weaknesses of the system and ways in which I can improve it. I am now going to write up for the managers although during the interview I may want to change and add questions due to the clients answer, and some questions may change depending on the client.

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