Investigating Marketing

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For a business to be able to work more effectively the business itself has to have an organised structure; to do this setting themselves targets to achieve on certain time scale. The business may set themselves Aims but they will also set themselves smaller goals, which they would achieve on a much smaller period to determine the company to achieve its main aim.

Complaints not upheld the advertisers said the poster that showed a beautiful girl eating a Cadbury’s Snowflake bar, a white textured chocolate centre covered in milk chocolate, followed a long tradition of Cadbury’s Flake advertising portraying beautiful woman eating “The crumbliest, flakiest, milk chocolate in the world”. They explained that the advertising campaign had always appealed to their female consumers who believed eating a Flake chocolate bar was a moment of personal and private indulgence; Flake advertisements always featured similar imagery and eating sequences.

The advertisers pointed out that the only addition to their long tradition of Flake advertisements was a strapline, which invited Flake eaters to consider how much they would like to take the place of the woman and be paid to eat a delicious Cadbury Snowflake. They said the desire to be “the Snowflake girl” was featured in a Sunday Express supplement published before the poster launch. The advertisers were surprised that the complainants had read the poster in the way described and added that they had never intended to cause offence. The Authority considered that most readers were likely to be familiar with the terms of the long running advertising campaign that highlighted the pure indulgence of enjoying a Flake chocolate bar. Because of that familiarity, it concluded that the advertisement was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence.


Marketing is about understanding the customer’s needs and making sure that the end products of the company are at the highest level of quality so they go onto please the customers and their needs.

Marketing also has the power in a number of ways to manipulate the behaviour of customers and their views.

Good or bad Marketing strategies can determine the success of the business. The main aim of a business is to meet the needs of all the customers and they should be able to:

Understanding Customers Needs

It is vital to understand the needs of customers. The needs of each customer can vary in different business as they will get different customers buying different items.

Some of the customers needs are:

Good customer service – This would be good after sales service provided to the customer and good service provided at the point of purchasing the product. Business should provide friendly environments for the customer to shop in, offer a goods return policy for the customer, offer free helpful advice for the customer when they are confused to buy a product and fast checkout service.

Understanding & keep ahead of competition

Businesses should keep an eye on local competitors and consider the risk of being beaten by the competition. And a business should take into account of the competition prices they charge so they can achieve to offer a better product and service at a cheaper cost for the customer.

They need to offer a product that is unique compared to other competitions and it should have a low risk of being copied so the business stands to stay ahead of the competition. For example a business should get all the latest products first so more customers are attracted to purchase because no one else will have them, even before the competition stocks the products.

Communicate effectively with its customers to satisfy customer expectations

The business will have to think of new innovative ways in which they could have a stronger communication between customers, suppliers and contractors.

And other ways in which a business can communicate with its customers are by the use of telephone, fax and email.

Co-ordinate its functions to achieve marketing aims

Businesses will have to expand on how they will meet the aims and objectives they have set for themselves to achieve. The company may well have to change the way they deal with the level of production in order to achieve a more and more of an efficient production level. This will include the diversification of the company work force and the diversification with the part of the resources available for the company.

Be aware of constraints on marketing activities

Be more aware of the operations including high risk problems, which are linked to the marketing activities and once analysed by the company the company should make sure they can change their marketing activities on a lower risk basis but on higher profit margins.

Primary Analysis

In this question I asked the people who took part in the questionnaire what age they were, 15% of the people were aged between. And 50% of the people who took part in the questionnaire were aged between 20 and 29. And 35% of the people who took part in the questionnaire and no one in the age of 40 to 49 or 50+ took part in the age. This could be because mostly the younger generation wanted to take part in the survey and when I was asking people to take the survey it was about lunch time so younger people were free and able to do the questionnaire. As predicted the target audience for the chocolate will be mostly younger people aged between 10 to 30.

In this question I asked the people whether they liked to eat chocolate, most the people at 95% liked chocolate but the other 5% which was only one person didn’t like chocolate. The person may have not liked chocolate because of them having an allergy to chocolate or the chocolate contained traces of nuts. The majority of the people who took the survey liked chocolate so it for me as a company launching Chocolate crisps it is a good result.

In this question I asked the people what type of chocolate they liked, from dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate; I asked this question so I could get a better idea of what type of chocolate would most people enjoy and if I wanted to create a second range of chocolate crisps I would choose the second option of type of chocolate like white chocolate crisps. 75% of the people said they wanted the chocolate crisps to be milk chocolate. 10% of the people who took part in the questionnaire said they would rather prefer to have dark chocolate, chocolate crisps rather then the standard milk chocolate crisps. The final 15% said they would rather choose white chocolate than milk or dark chocolate crisps. I can use these results for the future if I wanted to make dark or white chocolate crisps because I already know some people will buy the new products.

In this question I asked the people whether they wanted rigged cut crisps or smooth cut. The result was that most people wanted at 75% wanted the crisps to be rigged probably because they wanted to try something different because chocolate crisps is a new idea and they probably wanted it to be more interesting with the rigged cut crisps. The other 25% said they would rather want the crisps to be traditionally smooth cut.

In this question I asked the person if they were willing to buy the product if they saw it advertised. 75% of the people who answered this question said they would buy the product if they saw it advertised, the other 25% said they wouldn’t be willing to buy the product if they saw it advertised. Most the people said they would buy the product if they saw it advertised which is a good result but to win over the other 25% I’ll have to rely on word of mouth people giving chocolate crisps a good reputation.

In this question I asked the people who took part in the questionnaire what they will want top pay for a 50g packet of chocolate crisps. Most the people at 50% said they would pay at least 41-50p for the crisps. The other 40% said they would want top pay 31 to 40p for the crisps, and the last 10% said they would want to pay 20-30p for the crisps. The results I got were very good and what I expected which was that most the people would pay more for a new idea than an idea that’s already available. The remaining 10% said they were only willing to buy the product if it was priced between 20-30p which is not what I tend to price it at.

In this question I asked the people where they would want to purchase the product from, I gave a choice of four places which were the internet, local shop, petrol station and Supermarket. Most the people at 50% said they would buy the product from their local supermarkets which is good for me as a business, the other 40% said they would buy the crisps from a local shop which is also good for me as a business because this gives me a better idea of where most people would want to buy the product. 10% of the people said they would buy the product from a petrol station while no one else said they would buy it from the internet which was the result I already expected.

On this question I asked the people where they want the product to be advertised. 60% of the people said they would rather want the product to be advertised on the TV so they wouldn’t have to rather go out and find the product in a magazine they would have to buy, and the product would be broadcasted to them on their television screens. 20% of the people said they want the product to be advertised on the magazines and the other 20% said they would want the products to be advertised on billboards so they can see the product when they are driving past.

In this question I asked the people whether they wanted to Gary Lineker to advertise the new walkers Cadburys chocolate crisps, and 100% of the people who took part in this questionnaire said they wanted to have Gary Lineker advertising the new product which is also good for advertising.

In this question I asked the people what kind of promotion they wanted and I gave them a choice of these promotions BOGOF, Free Chocolate, free crisps and a competition. Most the people at 50% said they would rather want to have a BOGOF offer on the chocolate crisps, and 20% of the people said they would prefer to have a free chocolate, another 20% said they would want to have free crisps and the remaining 10% said they would want to have a competition. This is a good result because now I know what type of promotion most people would want.

Marketing Objectives

I have analysed my results that I got from my questionnaires, and I take into account what the people who took part in my questionnaire replied to the questions. Once I advertise my product I will surely try to use Gary Lineker on my advertisement as I said before people love to see a celebrity in the advertisements also a celebrity who is naturally funny. The advertisement that Gary Lineker previously done was funny and it motivated the people to go out and buy the product, other stars like Charlotte Church, Tara and Paul Gascoigne starred in the adverts.

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