Investigating Business of Coca-Cola and Nike

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Difference between them is that the aim is what you strive to achieve and the objective is what you will deliver. ‘Objectives need to be measurable’. Businesses ensure that objectives are measurable by making their objectives really specific, so that you can see if you have met them or not. So for example if a company objective is to increase profit form 1% to 3%, then the employees will be able to check if they are successful or not. The main aim of coca-cola enterprise is to remain one of the best names in the soft drink industry.

Another main aim for coca coal enterprise is to always looking for talented people who are commercially mucked. The main aim of Nike is to be the best sports company in the world. And also the main aim of Nike is to create innovative and sustainable products. Coca cola enterprise and Nike have aims and objectives, as they are essential for a business to become successful. Any business that doesn’t follow or try to achieve their aims is not successful because it hasn’t succeeded with its plans. The two businesses have different aims and objectives because of location.

Coca-cola enterprise is only located in place where they have their factory. Nike has many stores so they would have more customers by being in more places there is a chance to sell more products. They as well have different aim and objectives because of Activities. Fro example they make different product. Coca-cola makes bottles, Nike makes clothes. So it makes their aims and objectives very different even if they both sell products. Also financial situation of coca-cola and Nike makes their aims and objectives different because for example Coca- cola enterprise is a big company which is located in one place.

Nike has many stores expand worldwide. So their aims and objectives are slightly different. My both businesses CCE and Nike have different aims and objectives but also they have some similar to each other. The two similarities between my businesses aims and objectives are that firstly, one of the aims of Coca-Cola says that remain one of the best names in the soft drink industry. When one of Nikes aim says: to be the best sports company in the world. These two aims are similar because they both say about being best in CCE’s case it will be best name in soft drink.

In Nike’s case it will be the most famous sport company in the world. Another example of similar aims that CCE and Nike have is that my both businesses want to be the best companies in selling or manufacturing goods which they product. The changes that each business could make to enable the aims and objectives to be met more effectively for example one of Nike’s aims is to help the company achieve profitable and sustainable growth. Objective to this aim to this is to open more stores each year.

Nike could me more effectively by opening 50 more stores each year for example in most busy places such as: Central London, so this might give profitable and suitable growth for company. Coca Cola Enterprise to enable their aims and objectives to be more effectively as one of their aims says that need to be the best sports company in the world. the TASK 3The Coca-Cola enterprise is private limited companies. The benefits of forming a private limited company are that for example all shareholders have the protection of limited liability and can lose only the amount they have invested no matter how much money is owned.

Also if for example CCE needs some extra money then bank is more willing to lend money to Public limited companies. Setting up a private company as well is quiet easy and there is no fixed amount which has to be invested. So for example coca-cola enterprise would be needed i?? 100 or i?? 200 from the outset. Shares also cannot be transferred to other people unless all the shareholders agree, so for example if coca cola wants sell to someone 1% shares then all shareholders need to agree with this. As well they cannot be bought by members of the public.

This gives the owners direct control of the business. The drawbacks of forming a private limited company are for example Coca-cola and have to comply with more regulations than sole traders or partnership. They have to register with the Registrar of companies and large companies such as Coca-cola must have their accounts audited by an accountant. Also the owners must not choose a name which is the same as the existing company if this would cause confusion to suppliers or structure of the company and other details before formation can be agreed and the documents completed.

There are also costs involved, usually about i?? 200 so it is another drawback of forming a private limited company. Coca cola enterprise and choose this type of ownership because of benefits which I said before. Also they choose this type of ownership because for example there are more sources of finance available to companies such as Coca-coal, particularly those also with a good track record. Sources can include local authorises such as European grants for development areas. The Nike is a Public Limited Company (PLC).

The benefits of this type pf ownership are for example a public limited company can remain a small enterprise. The minimum is two directors and two shareholders. Large public company can achieve savings which smaller company cannot. For instance, they can mass produce goods for sale and buy in bulk to save money. Also other benefit of forming a PLC is that if there are many shareholders in Nike then the amount of capital for expansion and development is greatly increased because there are many shareholders in Nike so it also increases the overall value of company.

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