Investigate two different businesses

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In this assignment I have to investigate two different businesses and compile Case Studies on both of them. For my first Case Study I have chosen a small business which is a one-person business, and for my second Case Study I have chosen a larger business which is a limited company. The small business that I have chosen is called French’s Fish Shop. It is a Fish and Chip shop, which is based on quayside at Wells-next-the-sea in Norfolk. The shop was purchased on the 25th January 1923 and was the second fish shop owned by William Thomas French and his wife Blanche.

The first fish shop was at 23-station road, opposite Barclays bank. W. T. French was the trading name and was started after the First World War. The shops sold wet fish, and fish and chips; their two sons Reginald and Maurice helped them. The reason why I chose French’s Fish Shop as my small business is because I thought it would be a good idea to choose a business that is not local and they were the only chip shop with a website (www. frenchs. co. uk) so it was easier and quicker for me to get the company’s history. The person who owns French’s Fish shop is a sole trader.

A sole trader is sometimes known as sole proprietors, this is the most common form of ownership in the private sector of our economy. Sole traders can be found in the economic activity areas of manufacture, retail and service. Some sole traders choose to work alone whereas others, through choice or necessity, will employ people. The table above shows that most of the working population in the UK are employed in the tertiary sector and there are people working in the primary and secondary sector. In every country the industrial sectors change.

In the UK the primary and secondary sectors are declining while the tertiary sector is expanding, this is because big businesses will only produce goods or offer a service if it is in demand so they can make money. This means that if the demand increases for that product or service the industry the product or service is in will start to increase, and more and more people will start to get employed in that sector as it starts to expand which means that many people will start to get employed where they know they will make money.

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