Investigate the role of management in improving business performance

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Sales, Administration, Finance. Sales need to ensure that the most possible sales occur, without sales then the business cannot survive because it can make no profit. Administration will keep documentation to ensure that the business is constantly aware of its status. Finance will make sure that the right money is being spent in the right place. For example if finance spend all of the money advertising a certain product and disregard others then they are at risk of being outdone by the competitors. Increasing sales or market share Sales, marketing.

Obviously the best functional area for this objective will be sales because it is their job to make sales happen therefore if they team up with marketing they can develop a strategy to increase sales and market share. Producing high quality products or offering high quality service Production. It is up to production to make products that are desirable and up to the companies and consumers standard. Each product will have its own expectations. For example a skin cream labeled as organic would need to have ingredients that are only organic, nothing artificially modified. Fulfill charitable or non-profit objectives such as caring for the

environment Marketing. Marketing deal with advertising campaigns so are used to setting up strategies to help sell products. Therefore they would have good knowledge of how to set up fundraising and the subsequent advertising that will help a large amount of funds to be donated. For the purpose of this assignment Boots have recruited internally because they feel the needed the experienced of already qualified Boots staff from other Boots stores. These internally recruited staff will then be able to use their knowledge of things such as Boots systems and products knowledge to train externally recruited staff that are likely to be part time.

2. 2 All companies have organizational structures. Aims and objectives need to be communicated, the way that the organisation is structured depends on the methods and channels used. There are three types of organisational structure; higherarchical, matrix and flat. The term ‘hierarchy’ translates as ‘a system whereby grades or classes are ranked one above another’. The structure also goes in an upwards direction leaving the head at the top of the structure all of the time. This is an example of a hierarchical structure –

(Diagram Taken from Heinemann GNVQ business – Author – Carol Carysforth, Mike Neild) Flat structures tend to be relatively small as they are made for use in a small business. A business that uses a flat structure usually have good communications as it is a smaller business with less people to spread news more and communicate quicker. It is also usually more informal than a larger business such as Boots as everybody knows each other more and are usually on first name terms as there are less people to know.

This is an example of a flat structure – (Diagram Taken from Heinemann GNVQ business – Author – Carol Carysforth, Mike Neild) Matrix structures tend to be associated with businesses that deal with one-off projects such as building work. For example if a building company had 3 projects such as building a tower, a bridge and a cafi?? they could name them A,B and C with each project having a manager. These managers would all need constant support and be in communicate with the necessary functional areas such as finance and human resources.

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