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Burger Machine Holdings Corporation, more commonly known as Burger Machine, is one of the notable fast-food companies in the Philippines. Unlike other burger chains, Burger Machine has always been retailing in outdoor stands instead of shops.

Outdoor stands of Burger Machine have been using manual materials inventory system for the past thirty two years. The researchers decided to improve the accuracy of the materials inventory system of the said business by conducting a study to create a virtual materials inventory system that will fasten up the transactions and decrease human errors.

The virtual materials inventory system will not only fasten up transactions but will also promote accuracy and avoid discrepancy on the inventory system of the burger machine stall. The Researcher plan to innovate the inventory system of Burger Machine stall from manual to computer based materials inventory system. Using Microsoft Access, the researchers plan to make an inventory system that will record the materials or ingredients used plus create a virtual menu for the customers.

Objectives of the study General Objectives: Our study aims to increase the enterprise value of Burger Machine Stall by creating a virtual inventory system that will fasten up the transactions of the said business. Furthermore, this system will not only fasten up the transactions but will also promote accuracy and will allow keeping track of the raw materials used without doing a physical count.

Specific Objectives: Our team aims to create a virtual inventory system that will monitor the raw ingredients used and the remaining ingredients on hand of the Burger Machine Stall. Moreover, we also want to create a system that will serve as a computerized menu that will show the price of the products for an easy access of customer’s order.

Background of the Study Burger Machine Holdings Corporation, also known as Burger Machine is a sub company of Gilmore food Corporation. Unlike Jollibee and other burger chains, Burger Machine has always been retailing in outdoor stands instead of shops.

It was created in 1981 by Fe Esperanza S. Rodriguez and a sister who both planned to turn two old small buses into mobile stores, an idea they adapted from America. It was their fondness for hamburgers that inspired them to make a business that would serve for the masses. The stores were then opened near two gas stations in Quezon City. They all began with a capital of P40, 000 with nearly two dozen employees working continuously. This non-stop service earned Burger Machine the nickname of “the burger that never sleeps.”

A year later, a third store was opened. The company was nationally recognized. In 1990, the Corporate Office in EDSA started and was called EDSA Business Unit. It was also in this year when the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology confirmed their burgers as “source of the most nutrients in terms of peso value compared to other leading hamburger chains.” Through the years, Burger Machine launched dozens of branches including stalls and full-scale fast food restaurants. But during the Asian Financial Crisis of the 90’s, the company saw more struggles and was forced to close down several branches and restaurants. Burger Machine is now back to its roots operation which is 24/7 burger stands for the masses.

The said burger stall was still using a manual inventory system. A manual system offers a number of potential disadvantages that can affect the sales and the income of the business.

Scope and limitation Scope: * Monitoring of the raw ingredients used and the remaining materials on hand. * The system provides a computerized menu that will show the available products and their respective prices. * The program can show the total number of the products sold and the total revenue. Limitations:

* The system cannot be used in other company. * The system must be updated in order to give accurate information. * The system cannot verify whether the information that is placed on the program is correct because it is on the hand of the person who uses the program. * The system is just limited on the computation of the products on hand and products used. * The system will only generate in Microsoft access.

Significance of the study: Virtual Inventory has developed in such way that direct marketing business base their business model and success on virtual inventories. We want to conduct a study that will help us to create a system that will increase Burger machine enterprise value by decreasing the risk of being overstocked, maintaining the right amount of ingredients that can be used in a specific length of time, having an easy access of orders that will increase the sales of the said business.

Virtual inventory system has lower working capital requirements. Inventory tends to be one of the largest assets of direct merchants. If you can work without inventory, then that capital can be deployed in other areas, such as marketing and circulation. With more money devoted to marketing, growth can be accelerated. Even with faster growth, no additional inventory capital is needed, allowing you to grow yet again. If inventory levels are “guaranteed” by the vendor, then more resources can be used for marketing. The first reason why valuations for virtual inventory companies are higher than traditional companies is the potential to grow faster. Faster growth generally means higher valuations.

Statement of the problem For the longest time, Burger Machine stalls are using manual materials inventory system but found difficulty in keeping up with an easy accurate inventory system. Moreover, the growth of the demand of the product associates with the growth of difficulty in keeping track of the materials or ingredients used in the production.

So the researchers decided to conduct a study to create an appropriate virtual materials inventory system for Burger machine stall that will avoid overstocking and easy access of the products for more profit.

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