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Firstly the locksmith was late for the appointment by 30minutes. I was in a hurry and had made a meeting for him to run through the internal lock options with someone else. He was obliging when he got there and ran through our options with the lock. There was a fault with the lock that need to be re-keyed so he had to take this back to the workshop. This meant that the service was to take longer and the premises could not be satisfactorily locked in the mean time. He took all day to return with the fixed lock.

I left 2 messages on his message service throughout the day and neither were returned. Well firstly the locksmith was late and I had to make a phone call to question where he was and how long he was going to be. Secondly I was annoyed that he took the whole day to return to the premises with the lock and did not return any of my calls through the day. What could the employee/firm have done to increase your level of satisfaction? What improvements need to be made to this service system? My first impression of this service organisation was there lack of organisation and follow-up.

After asking for a quote and arranging a meeting time – they did not show up for. I had other removalist quote for me but I required three quotes so I rescheduled the meeting and this time they rang and cancelled prior to the meeting so then I asked for and hourly rate if they could not give me an overall cost. They did phone back and give me an hourly rate but I did ask for it in writing because it was so much cheaper then all the other companies that had quoted. It took three phone calls to have the written quote faxed through the day prior to moving.

On the moving day the company arrived half an hour late and I was never explained that this was because travelling time was included in the quote. Still unsure if this is the case. They then took nine hours to move a four person office and because they had not come out to do a quote they had brought a truck with them that was to small so they then had to bring out another ute to load all the computers and printers in. Extremely happy with the price nearly half of what every other companies were this probably outweighed the rest of the experience as they did move everything satisfactorily and nothing was broken.

We did have a lot of furniture for a four person office but I had been through with the person who quoted the job what we did have so I was unhappy that they had to bring out another vehicle. I was also unhappy that they had cancelled two meeting as I was extremely busy at this point and couldn’t really afford to schedule time for a non-event. Rang and asked for quote. Firstly I was asked to email through what I wanted they then followed up with a phone call with prices. I asked for the prices faxed through to me on paper – they were competitive.

I bargained with them to gain cheaper prices for the car park signs and they were happy to do this cheaper. I then asked for an ETA and they were able to give me a 5 day turn-around. 3 days later I had not received a written quote so I rang and asked if they could come out and look at where the sign had to go so they could check that there were no additional costs. They arranged for the Friday and they said that they needed another format of the logo so I said that I could supply them with this when they came out to do the written quote.

They came out on the Friday by this time they had faxed me through a layout of how they were going to do the sign I had made changes and asked for another copy – received the second copy when the quoter arrived on Friday still unhappy with a couple of things and asked if they could fax me through a revised layout. I didn’t see or hear from till the following Wednesday when I called and asked where the revised layout was – they had made the changes, already done the sign without a final proof or authorisation from my company and said they would be out in 2 days to put the signs up. In the end we were happy with the signs.

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