Interpersonal skills

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Your final section should evaluate the importance of interpersonal skills for the achievement of targets in the case of a team manager or supervisor in a selected organisation. Introduction This section will evaluate how interpersonal skills can be utilized in the position of a team leader, for the achievement of targets. As from the previous sections, interpersonal skills are essential for a team to be productive and perform to a high level.

This is even more so for a team leader as they are the key to a teams success and how well they achieve their goals. The company I will research for this task is the AA car insurance company and the insurance sales teams they have within their organisation. The teams within the sales department have regular sale targets to meet in order to be competitive and gain commission from the sales they make. The more sales means more money for the individuals within the teams and bonuses at the end of the year.

The team leaders within these teams need to have excellent interpersonal skills so their team remain on top and produces the best outcome. Interpersonal skills are those skills that are used as a basis in part of everyday life where people interact with each other. To be precise, interpersonal skills are related to communication skills but are more specific about an individual’s behavior and include co-operating, sharing, listening, participating, leadership and negotiation. Individuals with good interpersonal skills are easy to be around.

They bond with other people naturally, seem to know the right things to say in different situations and make communication in general an easy procedure. Communication skills on the other hand, are the skills in which people communicate through listening, talking, reading and writing. Listening is the first thing that a person learns to do so listening is extremely important to successful team leaders so they can take into account what the other members are saying so they can bond and move forward, as not listening could lead to misinterpretation of instructions

The extent of the impact a team leader will have on his/her team will depend upon how they put them selfs across and how they interact with the team. They need to take charge of the situation but at the same time be part of the team, so they are not seen as a bossy and controlling. As this will cause strife within the team and will lead to poor communication. This balance is impotaint for the group to listen and take into account what is being said by the leader and to look upon them for advise.

It is importaint that communication is fluent at all times within the sale teams so each perosn knows how well they are doing and how many sales need to be met inorder to achieve their goals. Also the leader needs to be able to motivate its team so they stay focusd and driven on what they need to do, other wise members of the group will feel they are not making an contribution so will feel isolated from the team and an increase of interdependence will start within the group. And with such competitive teams within the department any one of the teams cannot afford this to happen as sales will go down.

Also if a member of the team is stuggling to stay on top then the team leader needs to be able to offer advice as well a point out the issue with the person without being too aggressive as this will only demotivate the individual and may increasde hight staff turnover within that department. However a sales team leader body lanugage needs to show they are a self controled but at the same time incontole of the situation and have an keen drive to lead the team towards beign the best by being a success through their guidance. They need to have a big impact on their teams so they listen and take into account what is being said.

Most important about team leaders is interpersonal, how they deal with others. Awareness of their own and others’ interpersonal skills can help them enormously in dealing with the work tasks they are responsible for. Interpersonal skills for a team leader is extremely important because people often relate different words to different meanings, and therefore, decipher the message other than it is intending. This is another reason why clarity and understanding is essential for teams to be productive and high performing so businesses can increase production and growth from its workforce’s success making the business an overall success.

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