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In this topic I will be comparing the following factors of internet shopping sites; Which site is easier to open and access? Which site is easier to browse? Which site design is more appealing and why? Which site offers the best view of the items? What strategies have been used by the online shops to encourage consumers to buy? Which site delivers the best delivery option? Which methods of payment can be used? Which is the most advertised site? Which site is easier to open and access? Waterstones is comparatively easy to open and access, although it is not publicised as much as Amazon, making Amazon the more accessible web page.

Which site is easier to browse? When I first opened Amazon’s web page I found it cluttered with different links Furthermore it was hard to distinguish the pictures of the actual products for sale and the advertisements in the web site. Which site design is more appealing and why? In Amazons web page, there is seems to be no main layout, although the colours are appealing the page looks disorganised due to what seems to be the lack of organisation in the layout.

Waterstones’ web page layout seems organised. It shows clear indications that they have cut the price of their specialized product which is books. The colours that Waterstones have decided to use are plain, for the most part of the page, which does not give an appeal. They use colours to highlight they’re deals which gives the page more appeal and attracts the consumers attention. Which site offers the best view of the items? Amazon shows the items so that you can see most of the sides of the item. Waterstones only show the front page; therefore Amazon shows the best view of the item.

What strategies have been used by the online shops to encourage consumers to buy? Strategies that have been used in Amazon to encourage consumers to buy are, that they show consumer ratings of the products and show discounts on the homepage. In Waterstones strategies that have been used to encourage consumers to buy is their consumer ratings and their bright coloured advertisements on there discounts. Which site delivers the best delivery option?Which methods of payment can be used? In Amazon methods of payments can by credit card either; Visa, Delta, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express, Maestro, Solo.

In Waterstones methods are payments are as follows; You can pay by any American Express, MasterCard or Visa credit card, Switch or Delta debit card. Which is the most advertised site? Amazon is a company that solely runs on profits from internet shopping and therefore advertises they’re website more than Waterstones which most of its profits come from shops. Waterstones advertise they’re shop, more than website. My Conclusion Amazon and Waterstones are both safe ligament companies that provide secure webpage’s that allow you to shop in the comfort of your own home. They both have different page’s in which they give you mostly clear information of the product you are looking for. My personal chose of website, would be Waterstones because of the clear layout, in which items are easy found.

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