Internet Company Assignment

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The company of my choice is eBay. The reason why I picked this company is that this company continues to improve itself. This company fairly new in the business and its making an example for all company’s how to make decisions and run their businesses. EBay is a website where people can find anything and buy it and the sellers have a place where they can sell their stuff for a small commission. eBay works with the motto” Some people’s garbage, other people’s treasure”. EBay brings the world and its diversity of doing business for sale to your computer.

Site evaluation The site is the most user friendly site out of the most sites I have ever used. Everything is used in general vocabulary that even an uneducated person can get an idea of what to do and where to click. Just the way the page is set up its so simple but yet it is very useful .The site its always there, It has never crashed or has accessibility problems like some other sites. Another one of its prides is that this site protects peoples identity and their information like it was Fort Knox. Before any transaction and personal login into your account the site evaluates its information in its 128 bit secure servers. The information is abundant and is located everywhere, information can be found on the help option of the site , but if you want to become an eBay pro or a power seller people take classes at eBay University for free.

Content Evaluation The information that is provided on eBay its almost possible on most foreign language since eBay it works worldwide. The same info that I can get here in the US can be found on the German eBay or any other country they offer their services, with a little changes to make the sites more locally set for the markets they are doing business. An option that is offered on every eBay website is its integrated worldwide database search. Because sometimes you cant find everything locally, you search globally, and the chances are its for sale on eBay.

All this information can make a person not to think twice about investing , becoming a partner or a new client to eBay. One of the things that internet offers is its access worldwide and the number of people that visit the site. Surely the marketing part is taken care by the number of hits the site gets. For the international business person that probably its new to the site they have the eBay university that can show you unlimited possibilities of what can you do and what can you sell on eBay.

The information that eBay offers it is unbelievable. It offers information to its clients on how to get more use out of their site . Another side where information is offered is its investors. It shows it mission and vision statement for the year and the future. But one thing that was interesting and I didn’t know about was the eBay University. I can’t believe how far eBay is going to keep its costumers and generate new ones by giving them hopes and educating them on how to get the most out of the net and eBay.

I would recommend doing business with this company because its is a great company and they care for people and show in detail what would they do to get your business and improve it with their help. Your are never alone on eBay they are there also looking out for your business.

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