International Movements of Goods

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In this era of globalization, various economic regions are pursuing an integration agenda especially in the area of trade by breaking down barriers and enhancing mutually beneficial commercial relations through trade liberalization schemes. Whereas this was intended for legitimate trade, to be regulated by administration’s fiscal policies, nevertheless it has created room for some undocumented international movement of goods, capable of distorting the socio-economic equilibrium of some countries.

In a developing country like Nigeria, while one can argue that with technological advancements, it has become near-impossible for informality to exist at the nation’s ports, same cannot be completely true about the land borders. With a few designated land borders and plethora of other “routes”, reports abound of some cross-border, casual yet economic activities that occur which have far-reaching implications.

The proposed paper will x-ray such reports as that of the World Bank on the level of illegal imports into Nigeria which was put at 15 percent of the nation’s total import and some anti-corruption agency reports stating several cases of undeclared hard currencies intercepted at some international airports to see how they relate to the social problem of rising unemployment figures, the political tension occasioned by the proliferation of arms especially among ethnic and religious militias and the economic dilemma of a waning local manufacturing sector suffering under the weight of dumping of import prohibited goods in the country. Several well researched solutions will be proffered on how to mitigate the severe national impact of these informal practices.

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