Internal Beta Testing

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In this section I give various results for tests that I have performed on my spreadsheet system. I am going to carry out “x” amount of tests on my system. These tests will include going through the spreadsheet system just like the user would do from start to finish. User form 1 [Login Box] The first test is to make sure the password entrance to the spreadsheet is functioning. First I have to test that this part of the system works by entering the correct username and passwords.

When I entered the username “user” and the password “poke” the “ok” button appeared I repeated this test several times to make sure that this part of the system was working. The next test that had to be carried out on this part of the system was if I was to modify either the username or the password from the textboxes provided on the form that the “ok” button would disappear. Once again this part of the system worked correctly.

The last part of testing this system was to enter the username and password into the form and then close this form by using the “X” in the top right of the form which is the equivalent to ALT+F4 once this form was not showing I would open it up again to make sure the username and password had been deleted. All tests for this part of the system was successful without error. User form 3 [Data Entry Form] This is the user form that opens up after user form 1 has been successfully used.

The first test I carried out on this user form was to make sure that when a product code was entered into the correct text boxes that the correct product description for that code would appear in the appropriate list box. Other tests on this section were to make sure that all information entered into the user form was processed and entered into the correct sheets in the system. The second half of this user form contains customer information I have tested to make sure this works the same way as the product order information form and that it successfully works correctly.

The last bit of testing on this form was to make sure that the two buttons worked correctly. These buttons are called “cancel” and “Finish” after either button is depressed another small user form pops up with two options. The “finish” button form has a cancel button on it to go back to the previous form to enter more information or edit information and a complete button on it to complete the order. Both of these forms come up at the correct time and both of these forms perform there correct task. Sheet Testing

The next set of testing is to make sure that every aspect of every sheet is functioning consistently. I am going to test these sheets in reverse order. What I have done so far is entered into the user forms the maximum possible details that can be entered. This means the customer has ordered four items. I then submit this and browse sheet 6. Sheet 6 is the warehouse note sheet I make sure that the information is correct all aligned correctly. I had to repeat this several times to make sure that longer description and larger prices and quantity are worked out ok.

These part of the tests were completed successfully. The only other parts of this sheet that needs to be tested in that all unused cells where protected against modification which they were. The last thing that had to be tested was that the button links to certain sheet’s all worked and that the print save and quit buttons functioned correctly. Sheet 5 had identical tests performed on it as it is nearly the same although it has a different layout and information this time this sheet contains information from the other half of the user form the customer information.

After entering the information several times the correct information was placed in each correct cell as I had hoped. Other information on this sheet is the date feature. This is put there from an include on sheet 1 I adjusted the system clock several times and reopened the spreadsheet to test that it changed date correctly. The only other tests that where needed on this page were to make sure that the menu on the right hand side of this sheet were functioning.

The several link buttons to the other sheets were all working correctly as were the save, quit and print buttons. Next in order to test was sheet 4. This sheet is one of the more complex sheets in the system it is the invoice sheet. This is basically sheet 5 and sheet 6 put together in a different form. The easiest thing to do on this sheet was to make sure the right handed menu was working and performed correctly. So I tested all the link buttons and the print, save and quit buttons and they all functioned correctly.

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