Internal and external factors

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Wal-Mart is one of the largest retail stores in the United States and is also making a mark in other major countries. Some of the impacts of internal and external factors on the management are as follows. According to Bhatnagar (2004), Wal-Mart pays its women employees were paid lesser than their male counterparts. The “Everyday low prices” of Wal-Mart is at the cost of unfair gender discrimination and cheap wages. These have caused the company into many legal battles (Wal-Mart Class Website). Another problem is that they don’t have a proper job policy for men and women.

Most of the top level management therefore, will not be capable enough to handle their responsibilities. They minimize the cost of goods to maximize profits at the cost of their suppliers who are forced to sell cheap thereby putting financial pressure on the suppliers. They try to hire employees at very low costs and the management does not allow unionization, therefore allowing them to keep lower wages and make a better profit. Globalization has led to Wal-Mart adapting unjust means of making cheap products giving encouragement to child labor (Sellers, Jeff M. , 2005).

According to Brittany Ruiz (2006), its use of RFID technology has helped it to keep track of inventory giving better merchandising thereby keeping prices low while efficiency increases. Wal-Mart has been using unjust and illegal means to be competitive and to keep its stakeholders and customers happy. Women need to be given a chance to work at the top level management and all employees should be given an opportunity to go through the company’s training and development programs. Their unethical practices should be changed to ethical mode before the customers and its employees loose their confidence in the company.


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