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It has been an important part of the company to realize the potentials of all the human resources available as well as to maximize the opportunity whenever there is a need for a sudden development and upgrading of techniques and systems used. This achievement can lead to the success of the company in conquering the possible odds that they might encounter in the future brought by the inconsistent and not updated managing styles that affects not only the way the production goes through but also the quality of the production.

So, in analyzing a certain method or principle used in the company, it is important to open all the necessary points and look beyond the context of the things that may have been overlooked. The Grand Bay, as I see at this moment, has been going through the right path of optimizing their chances in attaining the full growth and benefits for the company. It is good that they at least listen to the proposal of developing the strengths and the knowledge incurred by their own employees for the benefit of having a more competitive workplace and kind of work.

In dealing with their own problems faced in the company, I see that there is a sudden change of behavior in dealing with their personal knowledge as they use this in their own accord. The use of the personal experiences of the employees in making things easier for them is a good venue in developing their skills in coping up with the fast and rigorous challenges given by the pressure of having a satisfying service and having own personal satisfaction.

Although, there is a limitation of their implementation of some company guidelines in having a concrete sets of goals and directions for excellence, I observed that although many of them tried to acquire the desired characteristics expected to them, there are some still lacking of the qualities because of the unequal amount of pressure and venue for them to have the same level of competitiveness and competencies as compared with their co workers.

As I walked through the pathways of the company, I saw that the management is doing their best to attain the further development of the company’s systems in getting the satisfactory result of their hard works. And I saw, like what we had encountered before, there are still people in the company that motivates themselves through their own personal interests and gains in the company. This mindset would lead to the distractions of many of the ideals of the company as well as the relation of the workers to the management team.

If this will happen, they will suffer from their own conflicts made by the interchanging of their common struggle against each other. But looking through this problem, the company had successfully retained their control over the workers for them to have one sense of direction and unified goals. They had successfully implemented respect and obedience to the people for them to have an easier access to the potential and capabilities of their workers.

Aside from that, they had developed and invested to the promising potentials of the workers, as well as their welfare in creating and transforming their every day’s interaction and experiences in the company into something worthwhile and beneficial for them all. Aside from that, I also saw their difficulty in having a concise field of making their transactions not only to their customers but among themselves.

They have difficulty in having a fluid communication that I believe is a vital part in empowering the workers for them to feel their importance in the company that make them realize their strengths and dwell with it as they use this in the company’s benefit and not only for their own personal sake. It is good that they had developed some methods of approaching their workers that make them feel that there is more than having works and sharing their knowledge in the benefit of their whole team as they go for one goal.

This is an effective method in bridging the gap between two opposing power that sometimes lead to a conflict that dissolves the unity and orderliness of their integral functions. As they complemented each other in attaining their unified goals, in one way, they had been doing their worth effort in having a company of the people (workers) and for the people (humanistic environment. ). One of their advantages in other companies, as I see today while observing their transactions is that they had optimized the use of their company’s limitation in approaching their best output.

They had gone beyond what they can imagine that they can do in order to have some more beneficial and economical growth for all of them. This includes their actions in addressing certain company policies that inhibits the self growth of the workers. Because this step had been pushed through by almost a unanimous voice, though many of the high positioned personnel disagree, they had committed in getting the best out of one individual’s key potential.

As they do this in their workforce, they had translated the language of their experiences and problems faced in the company into a knowledge that will give them background in dealing with potential and possible scenario that most likely, will take place in the future. By investing in this kind of system, they had developed certain characteristics in the workers such as their resourcefulness and creativity in addressing certain complaints and inquiries done by their customers in relation with their chosen specialization.

In doing this, they had proven their stability against the unnatural way of overcoming their own hindrances and in setting their own limitations against the opposing power networks existing in the company. Although not directly cited, they had incurred a lot of failures that helped them to develop a more positive attitude in facing their every day’s inquiries with the nature of their work. Through this experiences, they become more effective and efficient in their tasks and more innovative in making things possible for them to materialize.

One of their major advancements in the field of human resources and its implication to their business strategy is the design of their company system that allows the development of certain knowledge that they use in coping up with the demands and pressure of their work. As they see the company as a learning institution, they had provided themselves a safe space where they can work for the betterment of their business.

I observe while looking at their current system that most of the people are already familiar and made their work as a natural routine, which is a good indicator of having successfully instilled the work aura to the minds of the people. In doing so, they had agreed in their accurate description of proving the systematic development and in effect, having a good venue of innovation and discovery.

The development of the idea about the functional integration of the workers with their environment as they learned techniques in developing their skills and potentials more had been their way of reaching for those people who encountered difficulties in understanding the way which they can improve their works and outputs in the company. While they try to have the same ideas and competitive level with each other, I saw that they overlooked some of the important key points of their working system.

But the interesting fact is that, although it is known to them that something in the system is wrong, they envisioned that this weakness of them, if they allow themselves to indulge in it, will lead into nothing but their own failure. I suddenly stopped thinking about the company’s ways of developing people when I realized what they have done in their own understanding of the context of what they are doing in the company. Do they really understand what they are doing and what their primary motives in making such drastic decision are?

As far as I am concern, the development of such ways in dealing with the basic needs of the workers not only physically but socially had been a trademark of a better environment for them to unleash their hidden potential and unknown skills in making things efficiently in their hands. As they improve their ways of dealing and making things easier for them to do, the point of their hard work is their motivation of getting success in the future.

Although, a criticism on that approach is the manifestation of their biases in one another that we can see on certain inclination and exemption of the system to other people. They may see that as far as they are trying to go with their own personal motivation, there are instances that people are trying to block their growth, it should have been addressed by the higher position to try to discourage such unhealthy competition that will lead to false orientation of success in their career.

They should reiterate to the minds of each other that the only person we have to fight and prove that we are better is ourselves yesterday. Although it is encouraged to develop and be more competitive, the workers should watch closely their moves as they uncover the secrets of their daily work. Once, they had established an environment for self actualization, the next phase wherein one is capable of doing things he or she thinks beyond his or her control is through her gained knowledge in his or her work.

This knowledge enables an individual to search for better techniques in perceiving and encoding information that life has to offer. As they learned how to be part of the company, this knowledge will help them not only in analyzing the methods of their production but their theoretical improvement as well. Their importance of the knowledge as their primary source of evolving and gaining a better output will help them realizes that there are more opportunities waiting for them.

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