Inner Beauty

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Beauty is what gives pleasure to the eye and gives satisfaction to person looking at it. Though out the centuries, many creations and inventions were inspired by beauty. One of the major features God created in humans is the appreciation of beauty. Many people are willing to stand hours just looking and admiring a beautiful thing. It could be a natural scene, or a beautiful painting or a statue. Moreover, most people are willing to pay lots of money to go see a beautiful thing just to enjoy it, like going to expensive beaches just to enjoy looking at the sea and the sun, or going to the opera or a concert just to listen to a beautiful voice.

According to wikipedia. com beauty is a characteristic in something or someone that gives happiness and satisfaction to the person looking at it, either from its physical or inner quality. Although, the fact that many people believe that there are no standards of beauty, religion and morals focus on stating the goodness and divinity of natural beauty as a feature of spirituality and purity (wikipedia. com). Beauty can take many forms some of them visible and others hidden. Beauty does not have to be in something, it can be someone.

From centuries a person is considered beautiful if he/she can combine inner beauty with outer beauty (wikipedia. com). From the past, most people knew that it is a hard thing to combine inner and external beauty together. This well known standards of human beauty, is taken as evidence that this person is beautiful from inside out (wikipedia. com). This beauty is a kind of perfection that many people are trying to reach. Inner beauty is a beauty in a person that is not visible to the eye, but is much better (wikipedia. com).

Many people say that it is the real beauty. As inner beauty is unseen, it can be measured by smiles, happiness, satisfaction and being positive and being able to control anger (Vinnie). Some people say that the inner beauty is more important than the external beauty. On the other hand, their opponents say that the external look always show the content of the personality. Although the fact that looks are deceiving. A well known assumption in our society is that good looking people are beautiful from inside. According to wikipedia. om, it is well known among people that beautiful things are always good, and that good looks indicates inner beauty. This assumption comes from the great believe that if someone is beautiful from the outside this means that he/she is healthy and have balanced emotions from the inside. According to Image Educator everyone should be like a mirror, which should be a reflection of the person’s soul and inner beauty, so that it would prevail the external one for all kinds of people. In my questionnaire analysis sixty percent of the people think that our society supports external beauty more than the inner one.

However, ninety percent of the people who answered my questionnaire do not think that external beauty indicates inner beauty. This proves that we all know that the inner beauty is better than the external one, but we are all just afraid to admit it. Focusing on the physical appearance is like valuing the wrapping of the gift than the gift itself (Kittles). We all know that the external beauty can be destroyed in many ways, but inner beauty is not affected, on the other hand, it may grow (Ferns). This caused by many things though out the years. It started since we were children, when our parents used to read us fairy tales.

The good characters of story had to be the beautiful one and the ugly one is the bad person with out even getting to know them. The society makes children appreciate the good looks through the fairy tales (Jenny), and sixty percent of the people in my questionnaire analysis, agree with Jenny. External beauty does not always indicate inner beauty, because many people have external beauty and are hollow from inside, and vise versa. These days, many people just focus on their external beauty. Most of the women in the world want to be beautiful from outside and it does not matter how they are from the inside.

According to Kittles, only two percent of the population meets the standards of a beautiful woman, which makes ninety eight percent of the population, who are less beautiful, unconfident about the way they look and focus on their outer looks only. This makes the beautiful women more confident with their looks, which most of the time turns to arrogance. She may even hurt the people around her without even meaning to do so. Most beautiful women lack inner beauty, the over appreciation of the people around them will make them willing to do anything to be beautiful.

Not many people understand that when a person focuses on his/her physical and emotional inner health, this makes him/her a better person from inside out (Kittles). We all need to understand that if we are not healthy from the inside, this will appear on us. What most people do not know is that, being healthy from the inside gives the person a healthy look like red face, good skin, and so much more. Not only does inner physical health affects your external one, but your emotional health does too. If you are happy it will appear on your face, if you just had a fight with someone people will notes.

If you take good care of your inner beauty you will not have a pale face, or be nervous a both everything. You will be just healthily happy. No one is perfect; either you will have inner beauty or external beauty. You can not be perfect in both, because one affects the other. Although the fact that, good looks are important for every women, it is better to focus on the inner beauty to enhance it because it brings up the outer beauty (Reman). This means if you focus on being kinder or friendlier, this will make you more beautiful from the outside because your inner beauty will point out your external one.

Moreover, now people became copies of each others in the way they look and if someone is different they will consider them lacking external beauty, just because they are different. What people should know is that every person is different from the other and each one should have a strong inner beauty so that he will not hurt the people around him (Image Educator). What the media is doing now is that it is turn all the people into a copy of the models in their commercials. Every person is different in a way that makes him/her beautifully unique, and a good personality is a beauty that never fades (Reman).

No one should be a copy of another person this means that they will lose their identity, mind and personality. By time, we will be habitual to us that all the people are beautiful, this will let us see the person behind those good looks. If this person has no inner beauty, in the first place, they will loose every thing from the love of the people around them to the fame and money they made, if their career was modeling for example. The famous quote is that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ” Was described by Melendez saying that beauty depends on the person looking at it and the way he/she relates to it.

In my questionnaire ninety percent agree that this statement is true. Everyone sees beauty from his/her own point of view. May be you will think that something is very beautiful, and another person may think that it is ugly. Every person has his/her own different taste because God created us different with different levels of appreciation of beauty. Another thing can affect the person’s point of view about some thing whether it is beautiful or not. It is love, love most of the time gets over the external look and focus on the inner one even if it was not that much.

If for example someone you love draws a painting that was not that good, you will see it perfect if you really love that person. This explains the quote “Love is blind. ” The opponents of this idea say that success does not only depend on the persons skills, most of the time it depends on good looks in many fields of life (Lee). Most people think that good looks give the person the priority in having many things. Especially in job interviews most people say that good looking people always get what they want; better jobs, promotions and many other things.

Moreover, some people say that they have better social lives. Since they say that good looking people, they get the best jobs, this gives them a better social life, which makes them have better marriages and more successful lives in all fields. Although the fact that all what they say is true, standards of beauty through out the years have inspired people but it also led to plastic surgery and eating disorder (wikipedia. com). This makes people turn to plastic surgeries and make more people have eating disorders.

Good looks gives the person many opportunities in life, but when it is over what is inside stays, if it is not good all these opportunities are gone (Melendez). The emphasis of the society on physical beauty makes people turn to plastic surgery. Today’s scary increase in the number of plastic surgeries in the society is all because women and sometimes men thought that they would have been happier if they were better looking, thinking that plastic surgery can do that with all the side effects of the procedures and its results are not sure.

We hear today about anorexia and bulimia these days, they are eating disorder diseases that people do not get enough food to the point of starvation, because their body controls them and convince them that if they eat the will be fat, and that they will not be accepted by the society. Today we hear that many rich people in rich countries are diagnosed be this disease. This disease is caused by the great need of, most probably teenagers, to be skinny like the models and stars that they see on television a commercials.

If this obsession with beauty does not stop more cases of anorexia will rise and people will do more plastic surgeries. Finally, as a conclusion, I am not saying that people should neglect how they look from outside. What I am saying is that people should take good care of their inner beauty as much as they care about their external one and no one should turn to the unnatural ways to look better because it is full of side effects. “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. (Gibran). If you are not beautiful from the inside, after a while the people will know and you will loose everything. According to challenging Beauty. com a statistic in the USA have shown that eighty one percent of the women think that every woman is beautiful in her own way, and fifty nine percent think that beauty changes from situation to another and seventy five percent think that beauty comes from the spirit and love for life not looks.

Happiness should be what all people looking for; most people are looking for happiness in the wrong places. Happiness comes from focusing on the inner beauty rather than the physical one, although the fact that good looks make life easier (Jenny). Sixty percent of the people who answered my questionnaire think that if they were more beautiful they would have been happier. If every person had more confidence about the way they look, and accept what God gave them, they would be happier with their life.

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